need suggestion about pre-amp, price around $5,000

I am looking for a pre-amp to match my headphone and future speakers system. I have P70 cdt, dac wadia 64.4. Now i really want to buy a pre-amp to match my sr717+007a. I have a pair of speakers which is krell lat2. I like big 3d stage, clear, thick and smooth, detailed sound. My main music style is jazz and classics. Any recommendation you can give me? used price i can afford is around $5,000
You have some nice choices at that price, especially used. Klyne and Hovland come to my mind but there are lots more I haven't heard.

Your requirements are not so uncommon, so why not start by making a long list? Look at the ads and archives here, then see which items you can eliminate. When you are down to a short list, post again, there may be someone here whose specific experience applies.
There was a Cary SLP 05 for about 4k used. It has a great headphone amp and for the 1k you did not spend you could buy a pretty good power cord to go with it. It is a fantastic sounding preamp, especially when running it in balanced mode.
To be honest, I haven't heard any of these but based on reviews here and various audio publications these are on my short list. Just waiting for the economy to improve before I pull the trigger:

Audio Research Ref 3
Ayre K-1xe
Hovland HP-200
Conrad Johnson LS-16 (version 2)

I too have heard very good things about the Cary.
Aesthetix Calypso or Calypso Signiture are worth consideration. I have been pleased with the performance of my Calypso for more than 3 years. Lots of reviews available.
Used Wyetech Opal, if you can find one. A pre like no other -- fast, giant soundstage, deep taut bass, you would hardly know it was tubes except for the magic. They come up rarely on Audiogon; when one does, grab it; it won't last.

Clearly the Sanders Sound line stage is better than any of those listed, and you can listen for 30 days.
I looked for a preamp for a fair amount of time and my short list was:
- AtmaSphere MP3
- Audio Valve Eklipse
- Herron VTSP2
- First Sound Presence
- Joule Electra LA150 MkIV (I think)
- Lamm LL2 Deluxe

So all tube units, and some more of a purist approach (Lamm, First Sound) and others with more bells and whistles (remote, XLR/RCA, etc). Even though I ended up buying the Lamm, I believe any of these would be pretty good in the dimensions you seek.

I hope this helps.
Artemis LA-1
The "Dude" dude.Spend the remaining $1200 on your wife.
Does the EAR 868 belong on this list? Dont see many positive comments about this product; but its in correct price range, has remote; balanced, etc...