Need subwoofer recommendation

Don't know much about technical stuff, so I hope I'm saying this correctly. I was about to pull the trigger on the small HSU STF-1 sub for my Sansui integrated amp (20 wpc) when I found out that the HSU only has a low-pass crossover network. I was told by an HSU rep that I would need a high-pass filter to keep deeper bass out of the main speakers. That would entail my spending another $100. Rather the pony-up that amount, I thinking it would be better to simply get a sub that has both a low-pass & a high-pass network. Sooooo, some recommendations would be great. This is a secondary system for me, so I'm not looking to spend much more than $300, preferably less. I'm using book shelf speakers w/ 91 sensitivity rating.

The Hsu rep gave you good advice. However, in order to take advantage of it your integrated amp must have both preamp out and main amp in jacks. Assuming it does, then the Hsu high pass filter for $100 is probably the best least expensive option around. I don't know of any subs within your budget that have bass management.
I'm running the VTF-2 with stereo integrated amp and speakers with 91 db sensitivity, and no extra "high pass filter" box.

If it is the right size for your room, suggest you go with the STF-1. Check out the owner's guide on
and use Method B or C for a connection, typically used with stereo integrated amps.

Something doesn't add up here about the high pass filter suggestion. Check the discussion on the HSU web page for their HPF's. It seems to be designed for special-case systems where base curtailment from main speakers is required. If your bookshelf speakers aren't overstressed now with your current system, why would you need the HPF box? It's likely that you don't.

The STF-1 has its own amplifier, and you'll be setting its (very good) filter to handle everything up to the low frequency dropoff of your bookshelf speakers. Take the time to get placement, crossover freq., phase, etc., correct, and prepare to be amazed at how it enhances your bookshelves.
Hi Sandstone. I suspect that my ignorance and my lame-brain was getting in the way of my understanding what I had been told at (in the Exclusively Sansui section, thread titled: "AU-555 60 watts? etc." Basically, I was perplexed as to why my amp was, sometimes, making rather "stressed" sounds. I had thought it was 60 wpc. After being informed that, in fact, it was a 20 wpc amp, I was told that I could use my high-pass output feature along w/ connector cables to a subwoofer to ease the workload of my humble Sansui. At this point, I'm thinking that the reason I would need a subwoofer w/ a high pass feature is *because* I'd be using the high-pass output of the amp. Doh! Now it's beginning to make sense to me. Guess I'll have to live with what I have, considering the cost of the kind of subwoofer I'd need to help the situation... or, maybe get a more powerful amp. Anyway, thanks for helping me think this thing through!
If your bookshelf speakers aren't overstressed now with your current system, why would you need the HPF box? It's likely that you don't.

It's likely that you won't know that you've over stressed the main speakers until you've properly added a subwoofer and heard the increase in clarity, detail and soundstage.

When you study the subwoofer tests available on the net you quickly realize that small woofer speakers (5.25" and 6.5") can be producing high levels of distortion at moderate volume levels.

I read your thread over at audiokarma. NeilT gave you excellent advice on how to use your Sansui. Your Sansui does not have a high pass output, assuming NeilT is correct. This is normal and not a limitation of your amp at all. It does have separate preamp out and main amp in jacks (which many modern integrated amps do not provide), which should be connected with "U" jumpers just as NeilT said. THis will let you insert a high pass filter in fron of the amp section.

So it seems that your choices are: 1) sub with builtin bass management, 2) sub + external bass management or 3) more powerful amp.

You might take at look at the Outlaw Stereo Receiver. Not only does it provide adequate power it also has 2-channel bass management. It was reviewed in Stereophile. You can find it in their archives.
Hey Bob, I apprecitate that you made the effort to go to my threat at audiokarma. I'm going to have to give this some thought. Initially, I had thought that I could use a bit more bass for my KEF bookshelf speakers, which go down to 50 HZ (not bad really, but unfortunately the amp doesn't supply enough power at that HZ). I'm glad I posted here and a audiokarma because now I know what my options are in the real world. I had thought it was simply a matter of buying a HSU STF-1 sub, or the like, and all would be well in my world. I see it's not that easy. Thanks for your input... I'll take it to the drawing-board and see what I come up with.