need subwoofer for HTS 50 music,50 movies

after trying diferent speakers(in sealing speakercraft,kef....)i desided to go with Sunfire brand,the front two are CRS-3(250 w RMS),center CRW-3C(250W RMS) and two backs CRM-2BIP(250W RMS),and right now i am testing them with Sunfire HRS-12 sub,runing them all with DENON 3312,sound is incredible,very clean,loud and no distortion ,the only piece i am completely not happy with is the sub ,it has very deep and continus base whitch is great but when it comes to speed,tightnes and midbase response is not there,terrible for music,ok for movies,room size is aproximetly 2500 cubic feet,looking for similar size as sunfire sub(14-14-14)or smaller.budget is around $2000
I have a SVS Pb13 Ultra in a 2300cubic ft room with Paradigm Signature S2(v3's) , C3(v3), Adp 1's and it just kicks for movies. I have it set with the center port foam(15hz) filled. For music the 13.5 " woofer blends extremely well with Sig's. I wanted a second sub so I spoke to Jack at SVS and he suggested the SB 13 Ultra sealed with 1000watt DSP amp. I will buy one as soon as they can make more in piano black. Read the reviews on both. Buy both.....

Regards Bacardi
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I desided to go with Velodyne DD+10,it was hard for me to decide between jlaudio 10 and Velodyne dd+10 but I when with Velo considering the easier calibration
Excellent choice. When you get a chance take some time and do the manual setup.