Need Sub and AVR advice for B&W CM1

I am planning to buy B&W CM1 bookshelf speakers for my fronts, B&W CMC center and B&W CWM 650 in-wall speakers for the rears as part of a 5.1 system.

Need advice on a good AVR and a good subwoofer to match with the system. I will be buying a new Panasonic 58" 1080P plasma. Video is as important as audio. The sub needs to be small--may only have 14"-15" of space, max. The room is about 11' by 18', but it is not completely enclosed. There is a 6' wide entranceway into the room in the back left corner.

Was thinking of new Denon 3808ci AVR or new Onkyo TX-SR875 AVR. Any thoughts?? Have no idea what i should do for a sub... If I choose to put the sub in the audio cabinet I am building, I may be able to buy a larger sub. Will the sub work just as well inside a cabinet, as opposed to being placed directly in a corner?
I would consider only AVRs that have the Audyssey room correction system. Some of the Denon models do.

It seems that a B&W sub would be the obvious choice for your system.

I don't think you want to place the sub inside a cabinet. Besides the possibility of it rumbling around, you will lose the boundary of corner placement.
Thanks Bob. I read somewhere that SVS and Hsu made better subs for the money than B&W, which is why I wasn't thinking B&W...
I usually suggest Hsu Research (or Velodyne or Paradigm or NHT) subs when the speaker manufacturer doesn't make a sub. But, if you like B&W speakers, a B&W sub seems logical. Hsu makes a pretty big box, as it should be. Velodyne has their SPL series of small subs, which are quite good.

If you're not tied to B&W, I'd highly recommend NHT. Like their Evolution 5 or 6 system:
Would I be better off with an Arcam or Rotel AVR than Denon or Onkyo? How much of a premium would I have to pay to step up to these brands? Is it worth it?
Since it's the speaker/room that determines the sound of your system, I think electronics should be a secondary consideration as long as the power requirements and features are met. I've owned Rotel (integrated amp) in the past and currently own Arcam (FMJ CD player), but the higher end models from both Denon and Onkyo are nothing to be ashamed of. The Audyssey system far far out weighs any trivial sound differences in electronics.
Just a word of advice on B&W subs at least from my first hand experience. I'm on my 2nd ASW600 (the first one had to be returned due to a warranty issue). Both times, I found the screws holding the driver to be loose, every one. As a result, the unit produced unwanted vibration. After tightenting them up a bit, the vibration disappeared. I communicated this to B&W at their website but never received a reply. I told my hi-fi store sales person. He was surprised somewhat.
Thanks Bob. I will check out the B&W subs, as well. The SVS salesman told me B&W had nothing to compare to SVS for the same money, however, and he seemed to be saying it in a straight forward matter-of-fact way, not a pushy salesperson sort of way. I think he was recommending the sb plus 12 sub.
Thanks Pdn Sure is insightful..
Hey Jack, I'm sure SVS makes a fine product. I've visited their web site in the past and they seem to tell it like it is -- for real bass you need a big box.

I suggested a B&W sub simply to match the main speakers you're considering not because B&W has the best subs around. I do think that speakers that are designed to be used together have a greater chance of sounding best.

Best of luck.
I agree with you Bob. And would probably end up going that route, if only to make the B&W salesman happy...

Anyway, my whole plan took a turn this evening as I broke the news to the wife that I want CM1's. I thought I could sell her on bookshelf speakers. She doesn't want to really see any speakers, so I am thinking about pleasing the wife and getting the B&W MT-30 system. I may not have to go this route, but my only fallback position is to mount these satellite speakers on the wall.

If I have to go this route, how disappointed will I be in the musicality of the MT-30 system, vs. the CM1 as fronts.
I enjoy listening to music, not classical or even jazz, just good rock n'roll; watching football, and movies, although I am not really a cinema freak that needs to hear Star Wars Return of the Jedi in surround sound. Will the MT-30 be a big compromise for music, or is it negligible? I need to know before I even tell the wife that the MT-30 exists.