Need streaming setup help!

Hello audio geeks-

I need a little help. I'd like to add high-res streaming capability to my audio system and subscribe to Tidal, and maybe other streaming services. I've read  a few recommendations here on A'gon regarding what gear is best, and have come up with a list. Was hoping someone with experience could either confirm what I need to buy, or give me a better alternative?

My current system is comprised of Unison Research S6 integrated tube amp, Tannoy Super Gold SGM10 monitors, and Meridian CD player.

Based on the threads I've read and my desire to go wireless, I'll need:

-High-speed internet (which I already have)
-IPad (which I already have)
-2 Apple Airport Extreme Routers (one to cable coming in to house, one to DAC)
-1 Airport Expresss extender (how does this fit in?)
-Mytek Brooklyn DAC
-Bluesound Node 2

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Why not get a Mac Mini and install Roon on it. I dont know about the Apple Airport but I know the ASUS AC5300 is as fast as it gets and you only need one. The mac mini will connect on wifi. You wont need an extender with AC5300. I would not tie yourself to a bespoke streaming device when a Mac Mini can do the job and will maintain flexibility for years to come.

You should burn your CD collection to the Mac Mini or an external USB drive - no need for CD in this day and age. Roon will manage your music.
I agree with the above poster. I am a big Apple loyalist, but I am not interested in their airports. There are better and faster WiFi routers available.

as for the blusound and mytek, this could be nice. Bluesound is a simple device with a mobile app for control, so you could use the bluesound to feed the streams to the mytek.

however, this is not the only way.  The previous poster suggested a Mac mini with Roon. I use this setup, and I adore Roon.  Really incredible software.  The bluesound will be less fidly perhaps, but I would lean towards a Roon setup.

A used ps audio Perfect Wave Dac mk 2 with Bridge 2 is worth looking at. 

I don't think you need everything on your list. If you have a modem/router and wifi then from your list above all you would really need is the Bluesound Node and the DAC. The Node communicates wirelessly with your router. What you might need that's not mentioned is storage for your own music files if you have them. A NAS drive is best but you can plug a simple external HD directly into the Node I believe. I have an Auralic Aries Mini which operates pretty much the same way.
This is exactly the information I'm looking for - Thanks! Please keep the comments coming... I like the idea of a minimal setup (less is more),, but don't want to sacrifice sound quality.

I am running a similar setup, your list looks pretty good with a minor correction, 

High-speed internet (which I already have)
-IPad (which I already have)
-2 Apple Airport Extreme Routers (one to cable coming in to house, second one to Node 2
-Mytek Brooklyn DAC 
-Bluesound Node 2

I currently own Vault 2, the BLUOS app is easy to use and well laid out. The internal DAC is pretty amazing and the player sound equally good from its digital and analog outputs, IMHO. You may wanna try Node 2 directly into your integrated tube amp before you buy Mytek. 

As good as Roon software is I personally don’t like it’s dependency on core server which means you would need to keep your computer (other than your streamer ON at all times to keep Roon app functional on your iPad). 

Keep it simple, go with Node2 and keep that ‘noisy’ Mac or windows laptop out of the loop.