Need streaming App that “connects to Qobuz” & plays using my DLNA/UPnP device?

I used Audirvana to stream QoBuz to my DLNA/UPnP device (Bricasti M21 DAC) but it required me to compromise my MAC Firewall (unblock connections) and that was NOT acceptable. I do not understand why Audirvanna requires an open firewall on my MAC Computer, but I have already deleted it. The protection of my computer data is much MORE important than an audio connection.

MusicLife and Linn Wazoo do not support my DLNA/UPnP device. Roon and HQ Player (Signalyst) are too complicated for my simple application. They may also require unacceptable Firewall security changes (I was told but do not really know).

I am currently using MConnect HD Player ($5.99) and it works. Its user interface is not easy to use, and it has other related quarks. It does stream from QoBuz to my Bricasti M21 DAC using the Ethernet connection.

Can anyone Recommend a streaming App that “connects to Qobuz” and plays using my DLNA/UPnP device? I need it to run on my IPad and have a reasonable cost. A trail period is a must have to ensure it works.

Obviously, if MConnect is the best available, I will continue to use it. There has to be something better available.

The Aurender N10 Server is my main source of music. The above is an experiment to see how an Ethernet connection using the Bricasti M21 DAC compares to what I have now. Thanks.

For the most part I use mconnect HD (iPad Mini) as well and haven't found better. Although it works well I don't love the UI either. As an alternative I use the Shairport mode (AirPlay emulator) on my microRendu in conjunction with the official Qobuz app, which is easier on my eyes and makes more sense to my brain cells. If you do happen to find a better app, please share. Best of luck.
I'm not sure what version of iOS you're using but you can control the firewall setting by app. Instead of the firewall opening a specific port for all traffic it allows only certain apps to connect. Apps that are signed automatically get added. If you want to try here's how to do it.

@melvinjames, Thanks for your comments regarding MConnect.  We both agree its UI need improvement.  My friend used MConnect and said "the interface was clunky".    I am very surprised there is not a better alternative.   My search continues.

djones51, Thanks for your suggestion of opening up my Firewall Security for Audirvana.   I do not feel comfortable doing that and will not use Audirvana.   I do not understand why MConnect works okay and Audirvana requires me to open up my Firewall security for it to work.   As I said, it is better for my computer information to be safe and not take the risk of using an open Firewall security connection for Audirvana.  

@melvinjames, I recently started using MConnect HD and like it.  When I go to my QoBuz favorites, the album covers are VERY SMALL and hard to read.  Does MConnect have any settings, etc. to make my Qobuz Album favorite album covers larger?   

MConnect HD is a good product and needs some work on its user interface (UI) to make it even better.   Thanks.

I wish there was an alternative Application but have not found one yet.   Any more suggestions?  
Have you ever looked to see how many apps already are going through your firewall? Mconnect has to or it couldn’t access Qobuz or Tidal. The only reason you even know Audirvana did is it wasn’t signed by Apple so it needed permission others that are signed automatically get through. I don't care which one you use but I wouldn't get a feeling of security or lack of it because an app needed permission. 
@hgeifman .. I've looked high and low for a setting to increase text size and artwork to no avail. The developer must have MUCH better eyesight than me. I also use mconnect on my Android phone and it's basically the same, unfortunately. That said, like you I will continue to use it.

@djones51, Thanks for your explanation.  Obviously, I do not fully understand and am WAY over my head.  This means I need help.

As I understand it, Firewalls block incoming connections.  Some firewalls also allow you to block outgoing connections, but the built-in firewalls on MAC does not work in this way.  I was told that if you want a firewall that will allow you to choose which programs get to connect to the Internet or not, look elsewhere.   An incoming connection is only a problem if there are applications listening for these incoming connections.

Based on my application, it seems,  the only device I have listening for these incoming connections is my Bricasti M21 DAC. Assuming this is true, it means if I open the Firewall, it will allow the incoming connection to be received by my Bricasti DAC and Audirvana will work.  

I am a little paranoid about computer security and FEEL better if the firewall on my MAC blocks these incoming transactions.  I still do not understand how the connection blocking prevents Audirvana from working and MConnect works fine.  

How do the MConnect connections get through?   Thanks again for your help.

Mconnect has a signed certificate from Apple when you installed it,  iOS automatically granted access through the firewall.  Apple not only has a firewall that uses port denial but it can grant or deny access by app. The link I posted explains how it works. When you gave Audiravana access through the firewall it was only for that app. 
If you have an iPad you could try MyAudioStream HD. I use Roon I know it's another expense but I've never found another interface I like better. I only pay for a year at a time hoping I can eventually find one.
Roon is the biggest bang for the buck in my two systems. I bought a lifetime subscription, granted before the price increase. But if you have Qobuz and/or Tidal, it will revolutionize your sound quality and your music education and discovery. They have a trial period. I highly recommend you take the trial. 
+1 Roon.

I note you may have reservations however these appear to be based on limited evidence which has sent you down a rabbit hole! 

I have used Roon for three years and using any other third party apps is now a compromise I am not willing to take.

Why does roon improve sq. I currently use bubble upnp and have tried mconnect with my bricasti m3
I don't notice any difference in sq between those apps
@kingbarbuda, Thanks for recommending Roon.  Will Roon run okay on my MAC Computer Desktop using my iPad to control it?  It has a 3.1 Ghz Quad Core processor i5 and 16GB of memory.   

Is anything else needed?   Thanks again for your help.  


Roon does not directly improve SQ although it does have some basic and advanced DSP which can be helpful.

Roon is about managing your music (streaming accounts and downloads) and then allowing you to discover and explore. it’s a multi layered experience that rewards the deeper you go. 

Soma70....thanks for the info

Thanks for your help above. I sold my Aurender N10 Music Server and ordered the Aurender N20 Music Server. Our best estimate of a delivery date is mid-November (we hope). My Aurender N20 Server is my main source of music.

I asked Audirvanna Customer Support about my DAC connectivity issue. They responded with "Audirvana will not cause malware on your computer if you enable the Firewall just for Audirvana. We need access to your network to connect to UPnP DAC, streaming services and for the Remote app. If you also block Audirvana with your Firewall you will get a message once a week about your license, as we need to check your license, and this can only be done through your internet connection”.

In any case, regardless of their explanation, and the comments I received above, I am NOT willing to open up my MAC Firewall. The Firewall security settings on my MAC Computer are set to block ALL incoming connections. This means Audirvanna is UNABLE to connect to and recognize my Bricasti M21 DAC.

Yes, I am a VERY paranoid about computer security and FEEL better if the firewall on my MAC block these incoming transactions. I am not willing to compromise my MAC Computer Firewall security for an audio connection. This may, or may, not make any sense, but I am okay with my decision. Audirvanna is not a must have.

I am using the MConnect HD Player App ($5.99) for QoBuz access and it works great. It is connecting to the Ethernet connection in my Bricasti M21 DAC. However, when I go to my QoBuz favorites, the album covers are VERY SMALL and hard to read. Their Application needs to be updated to make these QoBuz favorite album covers larger. I emailed them 4 times and am still waiting for their response. As of today, I have heard nothing from MConnect.

As was suggested above, AND my retailer. I know that ROON is another solution. However, since my Aurender N20 is my main music source, ROON is not required for my application.

Thanks again for your help.

Heads up to MCONNECT users!

Our electrical power was expected to be off during the weekend, so I powered down my audio components including my iPad.  

I started everything up this morning, selected a Qobuz album using MCONNECT and there was NO sound.  I checked everything and could see nothing wrong.

Whoops.  I checked MCONNECT running on my iPad and discovered the output was being SENT to my iPad and NOT my DAC. I quickly redirected it and had music.   When I powered down my iPad, it dropped the connection to my DAC.  A very simple fix so please be aware if you are using MConnect.