Need streaming advice

I currently stream Tidal HiFi to a Chromecast Audio which is connected optically to my Schiit Yggy. I thought it sounded great, and love sitting on the couch and playing anything I want using my phone.

Last night I hooked a notebook up to the Yggy via USB and played my music from the Tidal windows app. It sounds better. 

How do I achieve the same quality (or better) of streaming while not having to get my ass off the couch to change songs? Is there something like a CCA that has much better jitter?
The Wyred4Sound Remedy (full disclosure, I'm selling one on e-bay) Is a pretty good add on for these low cost streaming appliances.


@sboje  What type of notebook are you using, PC? Mac?

There are various remote apps online, that you can download to your phone/tablet so you don't have to get up every time you want to change the track or album.

I have my iMac connected to my Wyred4Sound DAC, and I use Audirvana with remote app on my iPad.  Works like a charm.
I borrowed the windows notebook, so I don't own one.
I stream Tidal using BlueOs application on my mobile device from anywhere in the house. But you need a Bluesound Node2 or another Bluesound gear to accomplish this. I've compared the Node2 with running Tidal application from my PC using asynchronous USB via a separate DAC and I honestly couldn't tell the difference, especially now that BluOs mobile application supports Tidal Masters with MQA. The Tidal integration with Bluesound is literally seamless.
I agree with Kalali. I have a Node 2 working as a preamp and music server directly connected to my amp. My controller is an Ipad or Iphone with Tidal, but I can also access a HDD in another room with ripped CD files in AIFF format. The Bluesound DAC is really good and the sound is spectacular. 

The Remedy does look like it is the right solution. The price is hefty though.

Why, over a decade after the invention of the buffering iPod, are DACs not buffering and then reclocking internally? I get it when Mark Levinson could screw people by selling a $15,000 CD transport, but companies like Schiit have no expensive mechanical streaming devices to protect. What am I missing here?
A Sonos Connect would work along with most of the older Squeezebox devices.

Audioquest just released their "Beetle".  This device might work for your situation.
Hi Sboje,

As I wrote in my ebay posting, it really depends on the DAC. Over the past few years, DAC jitter reduction has gotten MUCH better as has redbook.

I find the Remedy much more useful for older DAC's or those that have a big difference between redbook and hires.