Need status of Meridian 508.24 CD Player

I heard that Meridian has discontinued the Meridian 508.24 CD Player since they were unable to source the transport parts. Is this true? Does Meridian have any plans to replace the 508.24 with another CD Player? thanks..
don't quote me - i'm just hypothesizing. they've been pushing really hard towards DVD-A and 96/24. they just announced the 596 DVD player and there's a quip about the upcoming 598 that's specifically designed to handle DVD-A. perhaps the 598 is imminent and they've shut off the 508 in anticipation? again, just conjecture. sab
It is discontinued but according to Meridian correspondence still is the greatest they made. And direct quote from them: "better than the new player...which plays DVDs" and is more expensive. nuf said.