Need ST/AT&T cable for metronome set

Hello all,

I'm looking for nice ST(AT&T) fiber glass cable for between
metronome C1A DAC
Trans T1A

The budget low, about 100-150 $ Don't mind for used ones .
I see lot of brand on ebay but not sure what is ok.
(there's too many sizes ...)

heard that ST work's better than any other cable type .Is it true?
can some1 explain why ST is better the tonsil if both connection are fiber optic and data transfer is digital?

Glass is not necessarily the best cable type. And there's varying qualities of glass cable as well. The best are made by Aural Symphonics but are expensive.
You'll need to try different cables to find which sounds best in your application.
If you have XLR or BNC inputs and outputs you should check used digital cables on Audiogon. There are some in your price range that are quite decent.
today best ST cable is :
SAEC opc625v2.
Metronome sounds best with this cable...
Great thread All-

over the years, I have always been intrigued by this AT&T glass cable- I have never seen one. Do you guys know if it only fits Metronome players? If not, which other cd players/transports does it compliment? Keep me posted & Happy Listening. -JA
Wadia used glass cables for years, don't know about their current stuff.