Need SS amp rec for Hovland HP 100 pre

Currently using Audio Reasearch VS 110 & Bryston 4BSST with good result. I like the sweet, airy, lively presentation of the tube but also like the snap, detail, control of a 300W SS amp. Is there a SS amp that can get the best of both worlds? Thanks. I think I need the input impedance to be higher than 40K Ohm.
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I didn't look up your system to see what your speakers were but, Hovland makes a pretty good SS amp. I am using a 4 channel Theta Dreadnaught in a vertical bi-amp configuration with a Hovland pre and it seems to work fine.
I would think any of the Jeff Rowland amps would also be a good match.
Glai, my 2 recommendations. These 2 solid state amps are incredible sounding.

Meridian 559 amp.
There is a marvelous synergy between Hovland products so you would be hard-pressed to find a better SS amp for your HP 100 than the Radia. In fact it synergizes even better with the HP 200, possibly because of their contemporaneous development.