Need speakers - Yamaha CR 840

I have a Yamaha CR 840 receiver that rates 65 watts for 2 channels that I've had in storage for a few years. I'm creating a home office that I'm pulling the reciever out to have some tunes for the office. My input device for now is a Sony 5 disc CD Player. This will be low volume levels.

Any recommendations on speakers for less than $500/pair? For the space, prefer smaller vs. larger speakers, but open to anything.

I've set up a small office system for my wife using a Yamaha A760II integrated amp we had laying around. I didn't want to spend big bucks for what is essentially a background music system. I ended up buying a pair of Definitive Technology Studio 350 speakers to use with it and have been very happy with the combination. I think the pair cost around $325, brand new. They are nice and small, pretty efficient, and sound really good for the money. Def Tech doesn't get much "audiophile" play, but don't let that bother you.
They won't cost much on eBay and they will sound great for the $. Probabaly a lot of people who bought that model Yamaha new listened to Advents. Just try to make sure you get ones in original (unmodified) condition and make sure the surrounds on the woofer are in good shape.