need speakers for jolida502 and jolida cd

i have just purchased hot rod 1 mod jolida
cd player and integrated 502b jolida tube amph
i like detail musuc but the speakers have to be effecient small max 1 foot deep and placed right against the back wall tried totm tringle price range1500-2000
please reccommend a speaker
I'm extremely happy with a Jolida 801a (using KT88 power tubes, which the 502b takes as well) powering a pair of Meadowlark Kestral 2s, bought used on Audiogon for $1,200. The speakers are 14 inches deep at the base and I'm told they can sound fine up against a wall, though I have mine out about 18 inches.
Ditto Zinfan's recommendation of the Kestrel 2s. I use these with a Jolida CDP and 302B amp. I have them almost up gainst the wall in a small room. Very nice, dynamic, full and very wide soundstage. Three dimensional stage is great and they seem to disappear. I listen to them from about 8 feet away, I get a little boundary reinforcement but nothing that distorts the music in a negative way.

Good luck in finding a pair of Kestrel 2s though; McGinty and Co. packed it up at the beginning of the year and there's no telling when he will be back in production.