Need speaker wire for my Dynaudio Contour 4's

I own a Jeff Roland #5 amp and a Jeff Roland consance pre-
amp. My speakers are Dynaudio Contour4's. My interconnects are all Straightwire Maestro's. I am open to sugestions
for speaker cables..I have been using Cardas entry level
for now....Help...
Try Virtual Dyunamics and you won't look back.I also have a speaker that uses Dynaudio ( very modified)and run the Master series cables.
I have the Contour 3.3 and have used/tried numerous speaker cables.
Nothing comes close to the FIM/CRL Gold speaker cables. If I didn't own them
my second favorite cable was NBS Monitor O's. However, my equipment is
very different from yours. I'm running Pass Labs X600 Monoblocks and an
ARC Ref. II.
I have had Cardas GC, Cardas GR, various Transparent, Nordost Valhalla, Audinece AU24, various synergistic references and analysis plus in the past. By far the best I have heard is the sterovox cable. Its ultra quiet like Transparent, soundstages like Valhalla, and yet is smooth as silk. I would not recommend it on every system (well it also costs a small fortune), you your would really benefit from it, and you've obv already investsed quite a bit.
I have heard really nice things about Purist Audio cables, but never owned them (also expensive).

Of course everyone is going to tell you that what they own is best - so take it all with a grain of salt. But, I do think you owe it to yourself to at least audition some (any) really high end cables, IMHO. You might be surprised
What differences in speaker cables did you hear between AU24 and analysis plus?(What were they,Solo Crystal 8's?)
I vote for the Master from Virtual Dymanics, Agree with Cenline 100%.
What tonal change are you looking for?
Brouch - I compared the Au24 to the oval 9, not the solo crystal, which would have been a fairer comparison. I thought the Au24 was an overall smooth operator. Pretty smooth without glossing over detail, pretty dynamic and taught; suprising bass from such a skinny cable.