Need speaker suggestions please

I'm in the market for pre-owned speakers in the $2,000 to $2,500 range. I just sold my Canton RCL speakers which I thought were somewhat bright and were weak on soundstage qualities. I listen to primarily jazz and vocals and generally do not listen beyond 9 o'clock volume levels.

I have a fairly large listening room, 20' X 24' with 17 foot ceilings and I want a speaker that can fill the room with sound. Even though the room is large, I have some pretty severe limitations on speaker placement. I can only get them about 2 feet from the rear wall and one will have to be slightly toed-in due to my corner fireplace. They will be about 8 feet apart.

I do not particularly care about real low bass. I'm looking for silky smooth midrange and highs. I want a warm but accurate sound with a deep soundstage.

I am currently using a Cary 2A3 amp with 15 wpc. My preamp is a Threshold T3. California Audio Labs Icon Mark II CD player that I intend to replace with a tube CD player.

I suggest a darkhorse. Try a pair of Sony SS M9 or a pair of SS M7a. I know the name doesn't do anything for you, but these are great American designed and built speakers. They sound great and nobody knows about them. They can be had relatively cheap.
You can spend a lot more money on lesser speakers and not begin to approach the quality of sound.
Good luck.
I would suggest a pair of B&W 801 Matrix ( 2 or 3 ) . These will do a great job in any room and are exceptional speakers,which is in your price range. These speakers are also made to last a long time.I owned a pair of 801#2 for years and still feel they are one of the best and most well liked speakers B&W ever made.
The Reference DeCapo[probably misspelled] with its oil filled capacitors has the sound you describe, its sensitivity at 92db should mate well with your amp. There is another excellent speaker which is of french origin which I will not even attempt to spell. However, the dealer I know that carries it is AudioLon and he can tell you how to spell it. This speaker performance does match the rave reviews it has received.
I'd say look into a pair for Meadowlark, good bass extension, built for vocals and jazz it seems, I have a pair of the Shearwaters...for a room your size look at the Herons...

Good luck.
If you're looking for silky smooth midrange and highs then you're looking for Spendors. In your price range I would say that you owe it to yourself to audition a pair of SP-100s.
Checkout out the Soliloquy SM-2A3s, these little gems were designed to match your amp.This is a special application monitor only needing 3 wpc and no more the 25 wpc.If you want rock solid imaging,detailed but not tingy highs,deep and wide soundstage.Along with vocals that would make you swear the singer is breathing on you ,then this is the speaker. You could always add a sub if you catch that itch .Here's a link to checkout a review .
I suggest you get the best pair of Audio Note AN/E or A/N J speakers you can afford (several models in the line-up). They are designed to be placed in the corners of your room are very sensitive (94-95db) and I just don't think you can do any better for the kind of music you prefer and for getting you to the heart of that music.
Don't judge this book by it's cover.
Spendors or DiCapos with great sound staging, quickness and oh those vocals.
"I'm looking for silky smooth midrange and highs"....hmm it looks like you are looking for VMPS RM40..your room is really big..that speaker is more expensive than you are ready to spend but if you can find a used one..the best is to save more and get a new
I second the Reference 3A and Spendor suggestions. (Disclaimer -- I have my De Capos up for sale, but only if I can get the larger 3As or Spendor SP100s for a good price).