Need speaker suggestions

I've just about finished my "game room". Ceiling and walls are drywall, floors are wall to wall carpet. I have a really old pair of Cizek speakers(circa 1975) in there for now and I'm using Zone 2(100w/ch I think) from my Yammy receiver to drive them. Other than the pool table there is no other furniture in there now and probably will only be bar stools(with the bar of course) as future furniture. Room is very bright, may add some acoustical treatment at some time....but with the given descriptions what speakers would go well with the "brightness" and the fact that it's Yammy's Zone 2 powering the speakers. I've heard Vandersteens and like them but will they mate well with the receiver's second zone output?
I'd say if you like the Vandersteens, why not give them a try. Pick up a second hand pair on ebay or audiogon. If they don't work out, you could sell what you have and try another enhancement from there. Keep swapping stuff in and out within your price range until the system fits your taste.

Other than this, you might give a pair of second hand Totem Forests or other model Totems a try.

Another option is to check out new or refurbished speakers from one of my old favorite makers, Ohm Acoustics in Brooklyn NY ( John Strohbeen there can help you find what you need without overselling you something you don't need. Plus, they offer an in-home trial period for most models to help make sure you like what you get.
While I love Vandersteen speakers and am a huge fan of them I dont feel they will work ideal with a Zone 2 of a reciever, the Vandy is a power hungry speaker and that is the only reason I would caution the choice.
go to the montana audio site and check out there speaker selection
Thanks all!.....From what I can determine the receiver(RXV1400) is rated as 110 watts RMS to all channels, so would the Zone 2 be the same since these speakers are connected to the "surround back" speaker terminals. Since I'll never have a sub in this room low end extension is important. Ohms have always interested me but I guess I need to determine what this receiver will drive efficiently?
The Vandy's are usually 6 to 7 ohms nominal impedance. Importantly, Vandersteen speakers tend to be an easy load to drive since their impedance does not vary excessively with frequency (IOW, the "nominal" impedance of a speaker doesn't tell you all you need to know about driving it.) Unless your room is unusually large, the Yammi should push them just fine. I got my 1Cs when I was using a Pioneer Elite AVR rated at 90 watts/channel. I had no problems with loudness. I will say, however, that as I have upgraded amplification (currently using an Odyssey Stratos HT3 rated at 150 watts/channel), the quality of the sound has improved. The 1Cs might be a little weak in the lower octaves, IMHO. Without a subwoofer, I would shoot for at least the 2Ce if you can.
You will probably need to look for a speaker atleast in the 90db efficient range and the higher the better.
Looking for an very efficient 90Db+ speaker as Chadnliz suggests sounds like a prudent approach in this case.
You can pick up a used pair of VonSchweikert VR-2's for about $1600... easy to drive & well built.
A small detail I ommitted...due to a lack of of foresight any speakers I put into this room will be very close to the room corners. So I guess I'm looking for any additional suggestions to highly efficient speakers with good low end sound and able to be placed in room corners. Also, any suggestions on acoustical treatments that are high on the wife acceptance factor?
Dont get a speaker with a rear port for sure.
Maybe a pair of refurbished and upgraded Ohm L's? The efficiency rating on these is 89Db. They work well with low power electronics. They are front ported easy to place, and work well near walls and corners.

Also not expensive. You might pick up a refurbished pair with the latest enhancements (new bass driver and sub bass activation circuit) and a satisfaction guarantee from Ohm for <$500, which is their original sell price back in the late 70's.

I recently upgraded my pair from 1978 and use them to very good effect in my completely unfinished basement rec room.
Audio Note speakers are designed to be placed in the corners. They are high efficiency and with good bass.