Need speaker suggestion for a larger room!

OK, out there - here's my situation:  I'm a Hi-Fi guy that goes back to 1952 - Brooke, Meisner, Mc C-1, etc.
Stayed with the good stuff - Mc., H H Scott, Marantz up until transistors took over in the mid-60's. 
One thing an another, I drifted from serious audio in the mid-80's and watched improving TV (!).

At an advanced age (84), wife and I are crawling back: Got a refreshed C-34 and MC7250 for signal
and a pair of decent M/L Ascents for transduction. LOVE the mid-range spacial effect!  Bass, mid and low,
is disappointing. 
For your consideration: Room is 26'L x 20'W x 8'H (4100+ cu. ft.) and "live"( some carpet and upholstered furniture), but much reflective wall area (glass) on either side; No help on opposite wall.
Unfortunately, aesthetics play a role: Speaker cabinet must be cream, black, or silver (!). 
I'm a fan of Tannoy sound, if this helps (used to own a pair of 12' Silvers WAY back), but their cabs are all
Walnut, or similar. Also, don't need to go to 18 Hz - We're in a condo - so an HONEST 30 cps is perfect.
Music pref: Classical, 20's and pre- 60's jazz, Piano ensembles + vibes,  Blue Grass, Tannoy demo CD's (!)

I'm hopeful some of you up-to date folks will help us uncover a few good speakers options. Our budget:
no more than $7,000.00.  Oh - and good used examples are just fine. Probably preferred, given our budget!

Thanks a lot for whatever you can share!

I'm a woodworker and recently completed custom cabinets for Tannoy HPD 315's. Islandmandan's custom cabinets were my inspiration and template. Although many details are different, the sound quality exceeded my expectations in every way. As with Dan, they're the last speakers I will own.

I would welcome the opportunity to either share what I learned, show you the end result, and even build a pair to meet your needs if you're interested.

+1 for Salk and also Tekton Double Impact SE
Holy mackerel!  I've no idea where to begin. 
Looks like I've opened Pandora's Box! 
I'll "do diligence" and seek out opinions on as many of these as I'm
able. Can't personally audition even a few of them.
No comments on my preamp/ amp combo? I'm acquainted with the 
properties of tubes (I have a 55+ year old pair of MC-75's in the cellar),
but I like the sound of Gordon Gow's last designs: he seems to have
respected tube(like) sound. 

Thiel Audio CS 3.7 loudspeaker.  Happy Listening!
The MC-75 will be glorious if restored..
Mike Samra in Michigan gets a ton out of them as well as vintage HK tube gear.....