Need Speaker Set Recommendations for Newbie

I have Spica TC50s/Kinergetics as my speakers for my home speaker set. Unfortunately, these just don't pack quite enough punch for my home system. They are great for music and vocals but get overloaded when aliens invade my living room.

Can someone point me to a link or other resource to help me find a speaker set that would be decent for a home theatre setup? I'm thinking in the $1000-$1500 range (if that is even enough). My receiver right now is a HK AV300. I like the receiver sound and its functions for my non-audiophile ears. It may be lacking a little power, though.

I'm a total newbie. I'm sure this has been asked many of times so maybe someone can point me to another thread that has some speaker recommendations.

Thanks for all and any help!

since this is a classic pairing of speaker/sub, i would think about a high quality integrated amp. $1500 spent on an amp with this spica/kinergetics combo would take you closer to nirvana than the hk with other speakers.
I keep reading how awesome the Spica / Kinergetics combo is, but maybe they aren't made to give the punch I'm looking for in a home theater? Seems like you should be able to crank the system up, though. The Kinergetics have four 10" woofers.

Do you have any recommendations on integrated amps?

How would the system be configured? Would I still use the HK for digital processing and the Kinergetics amp for the subs?

As you can tell, I'm very inexperienced with configurations! I appreciate your input.
I suspec a really good choice would be the Edgarhorn Slimline speakers. They too will require a subwoofer however. I am not at all into home theater, but I would think the clarity that a horn loudspeaker can provide would be welcome with regards to hearing hard to discern dialogue.
Thanks for the suggestion. I'll look into the Edgarhorns. I'm not familiar with them.

Do you think the amp or the speakers are the problem? Would a better amp help?
i would audition NAD...i think you're gonna need at least 100+ watts per channel. if i'm not mistaken the HK is about 50 to 60 watts per channel...this is not enough power(or power reser) to drive the acoustic suspension design of the can be sure that the NAD would drive the combo with pwer to spare.....the quality of sound should be quite nice too.
I agree with not enough power and second Jrd, audition a NAD 762. I'm a Marantz guy and I was quite impressed with the NAD 762.
Per your recommendations, I've researched a bit on the NAD762 and it seems like a very good receiver for the price. Seems to have comparable features to my HK which I like.

Any suggestions on where to get the receiver?
I called a local distributor for the NAD and he said the 762 is discontinued. He also said that I wouldn't see any performance difference with the Spicas and ANY integrated amp because the Spica's need too much power. He said I need to go with separate components with the Spica's.

The guy was an ass, so I take everything he says with a grain of salt, but what do you guys think? Am I really going to see that much of a performance difference with a more powerful integrated amp? The Spica's definitely sing when I crank up my HK almost to the top of its abilities... does a more powerful amp allow the speakers to sound better at lower volumes? Or will I always need to turn them up to make them sound good?

Once again, I'm not a super audiophile... just trying to get a little more punch out of my Spica / Kinergetic setup without breaking the bank.

Well, yes a seperate amp is going to be the best. The NAD is double the power of your receiver but if I recall correctly for every 3db volume increase twice the power is needed. So going to 100 watts is going to give you 3b and 200 watts 6db and so forth over what you have.

Many people are using receivers for a pre-amp because they like the verstility of a receiver over a pre-amp. Can you get an amp on loan to try with your receiver(if yours has pre-outs) and give it a try?

And the NAD T763 is now out but it shouldn't be hard to find a new T762 and maybe get a good price since it is discontinued.
The HK does have pre-amp (I'm using the sub pre-amp to go to the Kinergetics amp). Unfortunately, I really don't know any audiophiles in my area who might bring their amp over for me to try out.

I'm definitely more interested in the features and versatility of the receiver than achieving perfect sound, so I think getting a more powerful intergrated amp makes more sense for me IF it is going to improve the performance of the system.

The Spica's are 4 Ohm speakers and the HK I think says it has a 8 Ohm output. The NAD I believe said it was able to handle 4 Ohm speakers. Can anyone explain what all this means?! Will a 4 Ohm receiver be able to drive the Spica's better at lower volumes?

And I can't find any NAD T762's out there! Getting a NAD 762 would be my best bet since it is discontinued (and a bit cheaper). Anyone know where I can get one?!!

(I can't edit my posts after they are posted...)

I started a new thread about what the Ohm ratings mean in tech talk so if you want to help me understand that, please use that thread (I'm notoriously bad at getting multiple threads started on the same subject).

I did find a couple NAD T762 online but mostly at full price or damaged carton. Anyone know where I can find a good deal on a T762?!

Is the T763 actually released yet? I can't find too much on that receiver either.

Good audio performance is all about synergy. I am sure there are many technical aspects of performance that account for the synergies, but these are mostly beyond my comprehension level.

The first thing I would do when looking for a good amplifier match for a given speaker is to look at what other users of same speaker use. The proof is always in the pudding. Perhaps the best resource will be the speaker designer himself. He has probably heard about all the amps that have been successful with his design.

My brother has a pair of Spica Angelus loudspeakers, so I know what kind of sound you are priviledged to possess. When he had his setup he was using an 80 watt GAS amp. I think you would get some very good advice by contacting Paul Speltz at He markets a product called the Zero autoformer that may help you with the components you already own.

As previously mentioned, the Edgarhorn Slimline speaker with supporting subwoofer, might very well be the ticket for you. I don't know how to contact Bruce Edgar, but he posts frequently at the High Efficiency Speaker forum at Audio Ayslum. Like Paul Speltz, I am sure you would get extremely good information from Mr. Edgar if you chose to explore this route. My brother, that owns the Spica's, really loved the Edgarhorn Slimlines we heard at an audio show. I think he might very well end up purchasing these some day.
The Autoformer is interesting! I had no idea you could actually change the speaker impedience with a component. A bit steep in price, though... $950 / pair! For that price, I could buy a new NAD which is made for the 4 Ohm speakers.

I don't think John Bau (the maker of Spica) is really available any more. He sounded like he retired from the audio business when video got more popular.

I was just reading the Spica manual and he says "if you have a video audio system, you're in for a real treat!" How ironic that the video market is what turned him off from continuing to make speakers.

Like I've mentioned, I'm not really a super audiophile, I'm just trying to understand how my system goes together and what are its limitations. I've already learned a lot from everyone and appreciate all the continued input!
You don't need to purchase the enclosed version of the Zero. The raw version is just as effective. Also, I am not suggesting you need to purchase these to get good advice from Paul Speltz. I think he would give great amp advice out of his love for things audio. He is the current President of the Audiophile Society of Minnesota.