Need speaker recommendations.

I need recommendations for speaker brand/models that can be placed relatively close to the front wall without degradation in sound quality. Say, within 1-2 feet. My front wall is ’h’ shaped (side view). There is a 1-ft deep ledge at the height of 2-ft 4-inch from the floor (imagine right half of the letter ’h’) and the overall height of the wall is 9-ft. Front to back wall is 18-ft.


Budget under US$8,000. Don’t care between stand-mounted or floor-standing. If a specific partnering amp/preamp are highly desirable (for any reason) please tell me why.





Anything with a front port or down firing port would work fine...take your pick....lots to choose from.

+1 on the ATC SCM40

I have owned the ATC SCM35 floorstanders for 18 years. The great thing about sealed cabinets is that they are very easy to set up n any room. The lack of the port interacting with the room really simplifies setup. I have mine about two feet from the wall, with a very neutral sound presentation with soundstage and depth about as good and holographic as any system I have heard, incl

I agree the ATC SCM40 speakers would be a great choice mainly because of the sealed cabinets. I also use Rythmik subs and other than the bass extension you can't tell that they are in the room. Very easy to set up. 

Without a picture or drawing, your description is still vague.

You haven't told us the width of the wall...only height and depth of the room. There's no description of the room materials so that we might suggest a speaker design that might fit the space.

My advice: take a straight-on picture of your room with something in the scene to approximate scale. Then in Photoshop or another graphics program, add various speaker images to the scene that look the best to you. Preferably speakers that play well with your electronics and room dynamics.

Otherwise it really doesn't matter what you pick...