Need speaker recommendations.

I need recommendations for speaker brand/models that can be placed relatively close to the front wall without degradation in sound quality. Say, within 1-2 feet. My front wall is ’h’ shaped (side view). There is a 1-ft deep ledge at the height of 2-ft 4-inch from the floor (imagine right half of the letter ’h’) and the overall height of the wall is 9-ft. Front to back wall is 18-ft.


Budget under US$8,000. Don’t care between stand-mounted or floor-standing. If a specific partnering amp/preamp are highly desirable (for any reason) please tell me why.





+1 for Fritz speakers. I have a pair of Rev 7's placed about 18" from the wall in a 12x12 room. Crazy bass extension and airy highs. I'm running them on a PrimaLuna Evo 300 integrated and it's a beautiful pair.

Anything with a front port or down firing port would work fine...take your pick....lots to choose from.

+1 on the ATC SCM40

I have owned the ATC SCM35 floorstanders for 18 years. The great thing about sealed cabinets is that they are very easy to set up n any room. The lack of the port interacting with the room really simplifies setup. I have mine about two feet from the wall, with a very neutral sound presentation with soundstage and depth about as good and holographic as any system I have heard, incl

I agree the ATC SCM40 speakers would be a great choice mainly because of the sealed cabinets. I also use Rythmik subs and other than the bass extension you can't tell that they are in the room. Very easy to set up.