need speaker recommendations.

Do to some room renovations, my speakers have to go from stands to custom wall shelves. Presently, I have a modest system consisting of a NAD C72BEE receiver driving a pair of Vienna Acoustics Haydn speakers. The Haydn speakers are rear ported and have the best sound about 2' from the wall. The bass is quite good for a small speaker I might add. I'm looking for a replacement to these that can go against the wall but have a simular overall sound with not losing much bass. My budget is tight so used is my market. No loud rock; jazz, classical, blues in my genre. Thanks in advance my price range is $800-$1000.
There was a pair of B&W 805s that just sold for $725. They would be a good choice. They were not specifically designed for such mounting but my wife uses a pair in this manner and they work well. You might check and see which speakers are designed to be placed against the wall.
You need to shop for speakers designed to go on shelves or directly againt walls. Their response curves and dispersion patterns are adjusted for these unique requirements. There are many.
Johnnyb, would you name a few manufacturers that I could look-up? I thought just sealed or front ported designs should do the trick? JI
There are several, none of which I have had. Besides 2 channel many HT speakers are designed for wall use. Here is an example.

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