Need Speaker Opinions please

My room size is 8 FEET HIGH -20 FEET LONG -14 FEET WIDE. is this considered a small medium or large sized listeing room? I am pretty new to this hi fi game so there are alot of things im unsure of, i live in a very small town with no major hi fi shops, this is why i need your thoughts, I want floorstanding full range speakers, my budget is 4000 dollars, i want speakers that output enough bass that i woulden't have to add an external sub. Can u guys give me the names of some speaker that fit this bill, the few allready on my list are, gershman avant gardes,legacy focus "used", and the tannoy d 500 or 700's . I listen to alot of rock music, so, the less neuteral sounding the speaker the better, i have 1000 cd's and most of them are poor recordings. the rest of my gear consists of the mcintosh mc 42 premp, mcintosh mc 352 power amp. can u guys add to my list of speakers i should be sure to check out along the lines of what i am looking for, i could really use some help here, thanks for taking the time to read. Regards Mike [email protected]

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before you do anything go to and check out the site and than call the owner John O. and speak with him . I guarentee that you will be elated .