Need speaker/ interconnect cables for tube set up

My tube set up concists of a Red Wine Audio modded squeezebox 3, SQ-88 Tube Integrated amp, and soon to be Taylo Reference Monitors. Could someone please suggest some speaker and interconnect cables to round out my system?
What is your price range? If you have so far only used off-the-shelf wire from Radio Shack and Circuit City you will be impressed with some simple upgrades.
Why not ask Tyler acoustics?

I'll bet he's tested dozens of cables on his speakers, perhaps even with your choice of electronics.
I was looking in the $500 range for both total. Good Pt about contacting Ty. That was too odvious. That should have been the first thing I did.

Get in touch with Gregg Straley at Reality Cables...his stuff just replaced some way more expensive cables in my system. Well within your budget, he also offers an audition period.
Thank you for the Reality Cable suggestion. I will give it a look.
I've been very pleased with my Reality Cables. Definitely worth an audition.