Need Speaker Help and Opinions Fast?

For those of you who have heard or owned the Soliloquy 8.2 speakers please let me know what you think, my short list is between these and the ProAc 2.5 but I have not heard the 8.2s and would really appreciate any feedback. Thanks for your help.
Hi Golfnut, I think the ProAc 2.5 is a decent speaker. IMO, it is a bit outdated. I think you can do much better than the 2.5s in this price range. Havent heard the 8.2, but I think the Coincident SE is in another league than are the 2.5s. All you 2.5 lovers, I understand your love affair with them. I recently heard the Joseph RMsi MK II, at a $1000 less, Made the ProAc sound veiled, tired, not nearly as clean, crisp, and alive sounding. They are also about the same size. The 2.5s couldn't come close to doing soundstaging as the RM-25. A lot to choose from in the $4000 to $5000 range. Best in your search. Make sure to take in room size and the kind of amplification you like.
Check in case they are listed there with opinions.