Need speaker for a small space and close to wall

We are moving and I need to rethink my system for an 8 foot wall. The room is small and requires me to have the speakers within 12 inches of the wall. Listening position will be 9ft from the speakers and 2 feet from the rear wall. Budget is $3000. Amplification will adjust accordingly. I listen to all kinds of music. Lots of jazz, lots of folk and goth/electronica and soundtracks and throw in some rap and latin music.
That's a difficult situation. Close proximity to a rear wall will affect response due to the boundary conditions. Good acoustic treatment may help quite a bit.

The problem is that most monitors are set up assuming a position well away from the rear walls. Mounting them closer will tend to bring up the bass levels, muddying the overall presentation. EQ can help here to some degree, though I know many are not fond of that prospect.

You may need to think about a custom build, one that takes into account your particular situation.

You have described the type of music you like . . . how loud do you like to play it?
Triad in-wall.

There are two reasonable speaker placements:

1. Well into the room. The greater of 4' and half the distance to the listener is a nice start which will limit how deep the SBIR null is and get it down below 70Hz where a sub-woofer might fill in.

2. Flush with it. This gets rid of SBIR problems, eliminates edge diffraction, nets 3-5dB of more excursion limited headroom for a given number and size of bass driver, and increases efficiency and sensitivity by the same amount for a given cabinet volume and low frequency extension.

Studios often use soffit mounted speakers for these reasons, although you need a speaker designed for the placement so you don't get a lower midrange (and bass) boost that makes singers sound like they have chest colds and instruments boomy.

In-walls get a bad reputation because most are crap built for convenience (the smallest possible hole to cut in the wall) and not performance, sort of like Bose(TM) cubes but those problems don't exist with good designs having proper enclosures (well braced and heavy - you can have a 20 pound in-wall monitor cabinet, although the cut-out will be 2'+ high x 14" wide).
I don't listen very loud except when I'm not in the the sweet spot, then I may crank it up but then I'm hardly worried about fidelity.
While I haven't personally heard them, the Von Schweikert VR-22s or used 33's would be on my research list if I had your room. They're designed for close the wall applications. The 33s in particular seems to get good reviews.
I have my Daber Audio Monitor 2's close to a wall, and thought they are rear ported, they still work GREAT.

I've found a pair of speakers to hang on to for life. Daber Audio Monitor 2's. Where shall I begin,,,

The word AMAZING comes to mind. I had been warming them up for a couple of days, just pushing low volume current through them 24/7,getting them a little broken in and getting my new Rega stuff all good and warm (Rega Brio R and Rega Apollo R)

First cut: Adele's "Rolling in the the Deep". Soundstage was first thing i noticed, how the background vox were layered behind her lead Incredible!!!

Then the bass presence: obviously not thunderous but on that particular cut the depth and resonance is there while still being ultra-tight; palpable and fantastic. Hard to believe that kind of bass can come out of a monitor so small!

I've now changed to a small EL34 tube amp and they are even better. Amazing little speaker, and I see myself having them for life.

I believe this speaker is a world beater. They're obviously not for rockers, but they are precise, realistic beyond words, and incredibly articulate. I know of no speaker under $1k that can touch the Monitor 2, and very few under $2k. WOW WOW WOW!!!!"