Need speaker for a small space and close to wall

We are moving and I need to rethink my system for an 8 foot wall. The room is small and requires me to have the speakers within 12 inches of the wall. Listening position will be 9ft from the speakers and 2 feet from the rear wall. Budget is $3000. Amplification will adjust accordingly. I listen to all kinds of music. Lots of jazz, lots of folk and goth/electronica and soundtracks and throw in some rap and latin music.
Audio Note?

North Creek makes near wall specific designs (and is one of the few companies to do so; I had the Eska (now discontinued) for 5 years, and it was lovely. The "signature" version of the current model, the Big Kat, comes in a bit over your pricepoint when the cabinets are included, but I think it's worth giving George Short a call and seeing what the options are; he's a straight shooter.

If I still had the near wall constraint, the Big Kat is what I'd have.

Yeah, AN/e's would be on the top of my list if they weren't so damn expensive. I've heard of the Kitty Kat but haven't been able to find a pair to listen to. I'll call George and see if anyone has a pair in my area.
I have a similar situation in my office. The only speaker that seems to really excel in this situation is the Gallo A'Diva. They need the bass reinforcement from the wall to sound really good. Tremendous detail and very involving speaker, btw.

I have had very good luck in a similar situation with Dynaudios- I have an older model called the Special One and they have served me well in that capacity.
rega rs are designed to be placed near wall--vg speaker. moving up in class, paradigm signature seem to be largely impervious to placement and should work well for your configuration.
Stick with something smaller so as too not overload the room with bass.Smaller Dynaudio's(Focus 110's or Excite 12's) can REALLY rock(or Rap)out when fed properly,sound great with ALL types of music & wouldn't overload a small room.While I haven't had an opportunity to demo them yet I would think a pair of the PMC DB1i's would also work quite well.Looking forward to seeing what you end up with so please update us when you complete that new system...
+1 on the rec for the Rega RS line. Rega speakers, particularly the RS version, are very musical and an excellent value.
Please checkout the Von Schweikert VR-22, VR-33, and VR-35. These were designed specifically to be placed close to walls. You can find the VR-35 used here on A'gon for under $4000.00.

Good Luck.
If you're considering Audio Note, the smaller AN/K speakers would be best suited for a small room. Speaking from experience, both the AN/J and AN/E speakers will overload a small room with too much bass.
Spendor, Proac and Harbeth may be worth looking into.
Revel Performa M22 speakers have a switch on the back for near wall placement.

True full range audiophile sound in a small speaker placed against the wall for $3K-ish?

Sounds like the Guru Loudspeakers QM10 Two to me.


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Maybe the new Polk Lsm series. Their design allows for close wall placement. Not in your price range but don't hold that against them.
Linn Majik 109's are front ported and can be played close to the rear wall. Heck, even the older Katan speakers, which are rear ported, can be wall mounted using Linn Brackits and sound good.

The Majiks are about $1600/pair. Stereophile raved about them: "At the risk of being accused of superlative-mongering, I can't help myself: In all my 25-plus years of reviewing, I have never heard any other speaker at any price whose high frequencies sounded more natural than those of the Linn Majik 109. With every recording I played, the highs were detailed, pure, uncolored, and extended, with plenty of top-octave air. That purity was so far beyond what I've heard from other speakers anywhere near the Linn's price that it seemed as if I were listening to master tapes through the Majik 109s, but hearing only second-generation dubs through all those other speakers."

A bit ridiculous, but definitely a nice speaker.
Updated or refurbished OHM Ls.

These very low cost moderate size front ported 3-ways have been around for over 30 years, work great close to walls, are still available and supported by the maker, OHM Acoustics, and use a good quality 10" woofer that helps deliver a big sound for moderate cost compared to most newer modern day speakers.

I think they are still OHMs all time best selling speaker model, but not quite sure if that is still the case or if some combo of the newer Walsh line designs has surpassed them.
REGA R1s/ RS1s

check out the AGON threads on these speakers = happy buyers with near identical circumstances.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I used to have Revel M20s. Liked them a lot. I'll definitely listen to the AN/k if I can figure out where I can do that. Didn't love Harbeth P3esr, although it may have been the associated equipment so I'm going to try a pair of those at home once we are set up.
I have my Daber Audio Monitor 2's in a 9" x 13" office space close to the long wall and they are working great in this room.

I've found a pair of speakers to hang on to for life. Daber Audio Monitor 2's. Where shall I begin,,,

The word AMAZING comes to mind. I had been warming them up for a couple of days, just pushing low volume current through them 24/7,getting them a little broken in and getting my new Rega stuff all good and warm (Rega Brio R and Rega Apollo R)

First cut: Adele's "Rolling in the the Deep". Soundstage was first thing i noticed, how the background vox were layered behind her lead Incredible!!!

Then the bass presence: obviously not thunderous but on that particular cut the depth and resonance is there while still being ultra-tight; palpable and fantastic. Hard to believe that kind of bass can come out of a monitor so small!

I've now changed to a small EL34 tube amp and they are even better. Amazing little speaker, and I see myself having them for life.

I believe this speaker is a world beater. They're obviously not for rockers, but they are precise, realistic beyond words, and incredibly articulate. I know of no speaker under $1k that can touch the Monitor 2, and very few under $2k. WOW WOW WOW!!!!"
A pair of Shelb+Kroll Monitors and the matching Woofer Monitor(sub) will work very well in your room. Very clean and detailed yet musical with a huge sound stage. When I first got my pair they were sitting on a 32"h x 25"w counter top for a couple of months until my stands showed up. There wasn't all that much difference in the sound and tonal quality with them further into the room on the stands, and it was nice to get off of the phone books and sit in my chair normal like. Contact Tim at S+K he may have some B-stock or new (even new will fit your budget) sittin around.
Rega 1 or 3 best pony for that course.
Try the Evolution Acoustics MicroOne at $2.5k. Search Audiogon for comments/reviews
The New Revel performa -3 The f-105 and 106
Have gotten a lot of attention at the
Audio shows and finally is available . I bought the $ F-106
Itis everything they have said and more. I cannot think of any monitor
in the $4-5 k. Range that is this refined and detailed.
They are retail $2000 but Anthony Perotta gave me a good deal.
This whole line beats speakers at several times their price
With -0 exaggeration !
Had a pair of the Revel M-20s a few years back. They were fantastic speakers, wish I still had them. If the new Revels are improvements they must be really good.
I second the notion for the evolution acoustic micro one's.
For your price range & beyond nothing will come close to them.
Do yourself a favor, you will not be disappointed!
On this budget and for a small room I suggest going active instead. (I presume the budget includes new amplification too? )
e.g. Factory direct speakers from ScanSpeak from Moos audio or the ADM9s from Avi.
The Moos audio speakers are in pre-order status only but they show promise plus can you go wrong with ScanSpeak? I don't have much details about the connectivity options though so you have to contact Moos Audio directly.
One used speaker that I'm really liking that I have right up against the wall are the B&W Matrix 805 bookshelf speakers. I have them powered with a rebuilt SUMO Nine and to me this combo is great sounding. No fatigue whatsoever and bass is pretty tight to my surprise.