Need speaker cables match w/system?

I have MacCormack DNA-I with rev. "A" upgraded by Steve MacCormack, SNF line3 pre amp, SFD-2 MKII and SFT- I. I'm using the Kimber Bifocal xl speaker cables with JMLab 920. I would be appreciated if anyone might have known better match speaker cables for my system, thanks.
What does it seem that the XL cables are doing, that you'd like to alter??
The XL cables are doing ok but I feel it seems kind of like a little dark it not really open forward, I don't know if it might be the XL speaker cables or my XLO Signature balance interconnects. I'm thinking of changing the XL to 5.1 XLO Signature speaker cables but I still doubt about it.
Hi Hanbt; What do you think of the DNA-1 Rev. A up-grade by Steve McCormack? (I'm considering having a DNA.5 up-graded). I use bi-wired runs of Synergistic Research Signature No. 2 with excellent results. It is mid-priced, detailed, neutral, and non-fatiguing. I auditioned mid-priced Cardas, and MIT before choosing the SR cables. I used these cables with McCormack's DNA-1 for 2 years, and now with the DNA-2DX-- they work great with both amps.
---Should have mentioned that I use a Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre-amp, and Vand 3Asig. speakers.
DNA-I Rev.A is exellent! Bass is more dynamic and tighter, great image and more detailed. I'm about to have Steve upgraded my DNA-I's transformer the same kind of DNA-IIs. Steve told me that by upgrading the transformer, bass will be more definition, overall sounds better and I'll be happy. Also, I can get the money back with the old transformer if I'm not sastify, it'll cost me another $400. You had listen to DNA-II, I wonder if it sounds a lot better tha DNA-I?