Need speaker cables for HT System

I'm hoping someone can give me suggestions for speaker cables for my home theater system, which consists of 4 B&W Matrix 805's and center HTM being driven by a McCormack DNA HT-5 SS Amp, Rotel RSP-1066 processor, and Marantz DV-12S1 DVD player. I'm looking to bi-wire the front & center speakers, but not the rear. I was considering Audioquest or Straight Wire or any other brands you can recommend, but I don't want the system to sound too bright (some have told me that Straight Wire sounds bright). Any suggestions???
I would recommend Custom House Cables. Bob Finch is the designer. I'm using his Barrucuda speaker cables and interconnects. These cables sound great are priced really good.
I also recommend Miller Sound. Miller Sound are basically the same cables as JPS, just alot cheaper. Miller Sound cables are also thick.
Tara Labs RSC cables for the money are nice.
Wireworld Equinox are nice sounding cables
Dunlavy Z8 cables I like
MIT 750 speaker cables i'v always liked.
FMS Microwave cables are really good
Tara Labs Quantum 3+ speaker cables were really good and cheap.
Hello Rxlarry99,

I've done very well with cables made by Stan Warren. He was the "S" in PS Audio. Now he is retired and does modifications on DVDs, CDPs, amps and pre-amps. He has sold me interconnects and speaker cables and I will soon place an order for subwoofer cables. They are very inexpensive and perform wonderfully. If you do a search in these forum threads using his name you will find his phone #. He lives in Oregon and the best time to call him is after 7pm his time. He gives a 30-day money back guarantee, all you will spend, if you are not happy, is the shipping. The first cables I bought were a 10' pair of speaker cables for $100+$5 S&H. To me, that's great value for an excellent set of cables. I A/B tested these cables against the pair I was running at the time, Transparent Super XL and, needless to say, the Transparent cables were sold shortly thereafter. Give them a try, I'm sure you will not be dissapointed.......John
I'm using the DV-12S1, BW Nautilus 804s, HTM2 center, Gallo micros rear (don't ask), through a Krell HTS and KAV-1500. I am using double runs of the Synergistic Research Signature 2 cable which helps to "warm" up my Krells. Good luck.
Canare S11 Star Quad for $0.69/ft is what the pros use. Great stuff.
Well...I was going to reference you to a thread I posted and updated about the AudioQuest GR-8 cable, but it seems to have "disappeared."

Check it out...for the coin, it is very good stuff.
Thanks guys! Great suggestions and I'll definitely look into those cables. I really appreciate your help!
I have set up a home theater with B&W 801s, 805HTM, SCM8s, DS6 with Mark Levinson amps and using Kimber 8tc for the surround, center, and rear. The result is excellent! And you can get them cheap used.

Here's the related thread:

I can't find any mention of Audioquest GR-8 anywhere on their website.
I would go check out Zu Cable, these guys are making some to the best cables on the market at an affordable price. The B3 geometry they use is very unique and the sonics are very sweet. I use the Wax series biwire. They also make a Julian which is a step down from the Wax and does not use the B3 geometry but they are still very nice. If you want to go for the gold then check out the Ibis. In addition their interconnects are fantastic also. Plus they offer a 30 day return if not happy.
Good Luck