Need speaker cables for Aerial 10T's

I have a new pair of Aerial 10T's powered by BAT VK60 monoblocks. Any recommendations on speaker cables?
I have 10t's as well. I've tried speaker cable from MIT, FMS, and Transparent. So far the best sound IMHO has been from the Transparent UltraXL. I'd like to move up to reference at some point. Good luck finding synergy in your system!

Harmonic Tech Pro 11 or Pro 9's for the money on those can't be beat! I used to play around with all the Transparent stuff, and found these HT's for the money to be unbeatable.
good luck
I've tried different cables that include MIT's, Transparent
Cardas, though I haven't tried HT, Analysis Silver Ovals
worked superbly together with Music Reference RM9 MkII
amp. Good luck!
I have found Audio Magic Sorcerer cables to be a good match for the 10T's. The 10t's tend to be just tad on the dark side, and the Sorcerer is a very transparent cable that transmits higher frequencies extremely well, in such a way as to open up the 10T's. They're expensive, and I haven't done numerous comparisons to be able to claim that they are the best for the money. But they are very very good in my admittedly limited experience.
I recently replaced Transparent Supers with Acoustic Zen Satori Shotgun on my 10Ts. The Satoris improved the quality of bass and opened up the upper end.

How well are your 10Ts getting along with your BAT monoblocks? I had at one time considered going in that direction. My one concern was whether they would be able to control the bass.
Thank you to all who responded. You've giving me a few options to think about. I now have a starting point for my search for cables.
Kennyb, so far the 10T's and the BAT are cooperating. I haven't had to break up any fights. The BATS are fantastic on the Mids and Hi's. The bottom end could probably benefit from a good SS amp, more slam, better control. But right now I don't have any complaints. They sound great together. Maybe in the future I will add a pair of Classe monoblocks for the low end or perhaps just get a Aerial SW12 sub. I was looking (hoping) for someone to suggest a shotgun run of Zen's. Probably the way I will go.
Thanks again for your help.
I recently set up a friends system of the Aerial 10Ts using the Bryston 7BST amps with various Cardas cables. The Neutral Reference was warm and rich very ...well... neutral. The Cross was very good also. I tried Straightwire Maestro, but the bass was rolled off with good mids and highs. Kimber was too zippy and thin. The Harmonic Pro 9 was good also. I tried my Rowland Concentra 2 and this was also a good match. These speakers like power and lots of it. Try a lot of cables in your system because the source, and room are going to have a major impact. Jallen
I had 10 T's. I had a Jadis Deffy 7.4 NO problem with bass!!
An +, 9 biwired, helps the top end. Spend the big bucks elsewhere.