Need speaker cable

Hello everyone,

I am a regular reader of forum, but it’s my first post. I use odyssey cyclops integrated amp and Maggie 1.7i speakers. So far I have been using a Basic 12 gauge speaker wire. I am looking at buying a speaker cable and my budget is around $500. Please let me know your suggestions.
There’s a pair of Acoustic Zen Hologram II speaker cables in classifieds now. Within your price range. These should work great and you can continue growing your system around these cables.
Please let me know how your premium cables compare to your standard 12 gauge wire.  BTW-is your 12 gauge stranded, or solid core?

The new Synergistic Research Foundation series get huge David Weinhart.  
I second the Knuconceptz speaker cable rec.  I have a pair in my exercise room audio system and they sound great.  Much better than the Canare speaker cables they replaced tha sounded rolled off on the top end.
There is nothing mid-fi about Canare 4S11 cables.