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Hello everyone,

I am a regular reader of forum, but it’s my first post. I use odyssey cyclops integrated amp and Maggie 1.7i speakers. So far I have been using a Basic 12 gauge speaker wire. I am looking at buying a speaker cable and my budget is around $500. Please let me know your suggestions.

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05-30-2020 5:14am
"just did some research on the Canare 4S11.   Looks in nearly every detail to be a Japanese knock off of Audioquest type 4...."

Two very different cables.... Canare 4S11 = 4x14AWG, AQ Type 4 = 2x17AWG + 2x20AWG.
Gentlemen - in my experience and I have a lot experience as an audiophile - I'm old :-( 
For what it's worth, I'm also an chemical engineer.
First - a system has to be set up properly. MOST systems are not set up properly. Even most dealership showrooms are not set up well.
Second - the quality of a system has to be at a level that is capable of revealing the differences in recordings (in addition to being set up properly).
Third - cables make a drastic difference.
I'm not going to explain the technical issues - I attempted to explain things a while ago and got criticized by many individuals. Rather than oppose those commenting, I apologized for creating the controversy and dismissed myself from the post.
I'm also not going to make statements about a $1,000 amplifier and $500 in cables - each case is unique in many ways (equipment design, electrical power, equipment matching, etc).
We have Pass XA-200.5's with Sasha I's and Meridian 800 digital components.
I live in the central NJ area, anyone is welcome to visit and listen for themselves. Bring your cables - interconnects are long balanced runs but power cables and speaker cables are very significant as well.
I would kindly ask that you post your experience so everyone would get your unbiased feedback.
Two very different cables.... Canare 4S11 = 4x14AWG,
AQ Type 4 = 2x17AWG + 2x20AWG.

Yes, Canare is completely different. In addition to the above specs, it is made up of 4 stranded copper conductors, AQ uses solid conductors.
Two very different sounding cables. 

Canare seems to be a bit like Home Depot wire repackaged as speaker cables if I am not mistaken.  In some way, the same goes for Blue Jean cables.
@andy2 ,

Sorry, you are mistaken.  Canare is a Japanese made cable that almost every recording studio in the world uses to connect to the studio monitors.  Blue Jean uses the Canare cables with a pretty sheath over them to dress them up and they cold weld their terminations.  I bought mine from Ram Labs for half the price of the Blue Jeans that uses pure copper ferrules  crimped on (sounds better so they say) to high quality locking Banana Plugs.