Need Speaker Cable advice

I have Martin Logan SL2's and a logos as my front channels in my home theater. I am adding a parasound 2003a to drive them. I would like to buy used speaker cables in the 300-400 dollar range. i don't know anything about speaker cables. any advice?
Look into Nordost "Blue Heaven". These are in your range. Also, they are completely flat and can be put under carpet, etc. I own 'em and like 'em. Good Luck!
See for specials on MIT Terminator Series cables. Lower number the best. Terminator 2 the best, then 3, 4, 5, etc. Recommend you get the T2s. They are high end stuff at budget prices at this site.
Go with used cables to start let someone else take the beating on them.Stay away from Nordost All hype extreemly overvalued,even used.Audio quest Midnight or one up is a good start,Dh labs is a good choice.If you can find them Coincident Tech has a great line of cables.Jps also is a good choice.
Since you've gotten conflicting advice on Nordost, why not email [email protected] for a Stealth cable recommendation in your price range? Models can be seen at, and there's a no-day money-back guarantee. I had MIT CVT Terminator cables, and my present Stealth Ultimate Ribbons are orders of magnitude better (though I should way the MIT's date back to 1990).
Sorry for the misprint: a 30-day money back guarantee.
Sorry Tm12, but I borrowed an absurdly long (20 ft.) run of Nordost SPM speaker cable from a dealer and it simply, utterly, and thoroughly trounced the 6 ft. JPS speaker cable then IN MY SYSTEM. The capitialization refers to the fact that this was done by direct comparison at my home. This is not a snipe at Tm12, I've never listened to any Audioquest or DH cables. I just don't agree with his view that Nordost has obtained its reputation on the basis of hype. Is the Nordost overpriced? I don't know how much it costs them to make their cable, although I have heard from one high end manufacturer that it really isn't all that expensive to make. Then again, neither he not I make cable for a living, so who knows? Almost all cable is overpriced in the sense that you can get almost any cable you're interested in at sites like Audiogon, generally for 1/2 list price. I think Tm12 and I agree that you should never buy cable new if you can avoid it (if you have specific needs for a cable with an odd sized length, you may be forced to buy it new). The bottom line [email protected] is that you should try to borrow cable over a weekend from a dealer and determine with your ears, in your listening room, with your gear, if the cable sounds good. And don't be biased against Nordost; in my system it sounds better than anything else I've compared it to.
Whoops, the above advice was for [email protected], not [email protected] Sorry for the error, Cardinal
Based on the amount of parallel conductor you get for the money, the Nordost speaker cables are the most expensive. But, if you've compared them with everything else, and like them better, then that's fine with me.
I would also suggest auditioning Transparent Cables - probably the "Super" grade. These cables make a difference. Let your ears be your guide.