need speaker and ic suggestions

looking for cables that would have good synergy with my plinius 250 mk4 amp, arc ls25mk11 pre and sonus faber extremas. looking for detail, airiness, and good tonal qualities in piano and voice. not too much to ask, right. thanks
I don't know about synergy with your components, but I just sold some Straightwire Crescendo's to upgrade to Virtual Image Pile Driver IC's. It was a huge upgrade in sound and a downgrade in price. The V.I.'s cost about 1/3 of the Crescendo's and sound alot nicer. The V.I.'s deliver a wider and more precise soundstage. It's funny that you should mention tonal quality of a piano, one of my favorite tracks is Sarah McLachlan's "Angel", from the soundtrack "City of Angels". The V.I. interconnects added a whole new dimension to the piano in this recording, more air around every key stroke and more decay to the notes and to the vocals. I also noticed that these cables let through alot of the background details that the Crescendo's just seemed to miss. I just can't recommend these cables enough. If you are interested in trying these cables, contact Al at Virtual Image, He does offer a 30-day trial period. IMO, you give these cables about 7 days of burn-in, you'll love'em.