Need Speaker Advice

I would like to get back into audio somewhat. What I need now, first, is a pair of speakers. I have an old Carver Receiver that will be driving them.

Can I please have some advice on affordable speakers, used?


Jason-please help us out a bit, what kind of music are you into? what's "affordable" mean to you, and please be honest :)
and what model # of receiver do you have? what kind of load can it drive?
and sorry to tell you, there's no such thing about getting back into audio "somewhat" :)

at least not around here!

You're both right... You can't just get your feet wet :)
Well that's how it starts anyways! More info on room size, amp wattage, source, type of music, budget, sonic preferences (bright, detailed, airy, imaging etc...)
If deep powerful bass is not a concern, try the vandersteen 1B. I think that is what it is called. It is the one below the 2c, which IMO is even better than the 2c. You should not have to spend more than $600.

Try the Axioms. Quite affordable and great sounding even with non-audiophile equipment. 30 day return policy, shipping both ways. Even cheaper at the Audio Shop in Ottawa, Canada. Good luck.
I would pick up an old pair of DAHLQUIST DQ10 OR DQ20 SPEAKERS in nice shape.they may need the woofers refoamed if not already done since they used foam surrounds.these are incredible speakers that image like crazy and have a magical midrange that will put you into lala land.they are power hungry and like high current or 200watts/ch.YOU WILL BE VERY HAPPY. REGARDS,RICH
Advent will bi fine too...

The Infinity IL10 monitor has very nice measured accuracy for around $350 new. I haven't given it a full audition, but it really sounded good tonally in a brief listen. You can easily find it at a Circuit City store. The Snell K.5 MK.2 measures very well if you can find it used for around $600 - $700. Others may know of some accurate models under $1000. You should look very hard to get the most measured accuracy and good design you can.

Best regards,

Mike C.
Let me try to be a little more specific. The receiver I have was given to me as a gift when I was about, I think, 19 yo. I am 36 now. All I remember, with the origional documentation gone is it was called the Carver Receiver. I don't remember any model numbers. I believe it is 100-150 watts per channel. It has what they called a magnetic field power amplifier. I used to, many years ago, use this with a pair of Bose 901's, which I no longer have.

The size of my room is about 16 x 12. I am most concerned with accuracy and imaging. I would like decent bass, but not subwoofer kind of bass, as I live in an apartment. My price range is looking to be <= 500.00.

Hope this helps.

Jason Tsangaris