Need speaker advice

One of my Silverline Audio SR-17.5 monitors has developed a serious tweeter problem that might require complete tweeter replacement (tweeter fades out and in unpredictably). I was told the replacement would cost close to $2,000. Since the speakers are about 3-4 yrs old (I bought them used but in pristine condition almost 3 yrs ago), I'm actually considering buying a different pair of speakers for about $2,000 to replace the Silverlines until I can afford something better.

The two speakers I'm strongly considering are the Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr. (I might be able to get them slightly used) or Vandersteen 2CE Sig II. I know there are other excellent monitors for about $2K out there, but I'm afraid they won't provide enough slam for my tastes, like the SR-17.5 can deliver (e.g., GMA Rio, Reference 3A MM De Capo BE, Harbeth P3ESR).

The challenge I'm facing in my selection, however, is the limitations of my listening area, which measures 11x12x9. The room is actually bigger as it is not completely rectangular, but opens on one side to a bathroom and walk-in closet area that's 3x7 sans the actual closet and the bathroom. I treated the room acoustically and the SR-17.5 blend in very nicely. So my question is whether the Vandies or Adagios might be able to blend in as nicely, or are just too much for the space. Other suggestions are also welcome. I have not completely rejected the idea of fixing the Silverlines, but they already had the crossovers replaced (this was the initial diagnosis, but did not fix the problem), and I have reservations about putting another $2,000 into a speaker that's a few years' old.

The rest of my system is an analog front with a ss phono preamp, tube line preamp and tube monoblocks so any replacement must be tube friendly, i.e., stable impedance, preferably higher sensitivity, but my amps can probably handle average sensitivity as well. Neutrality and transparency is the key as well.

My tastes are roughly classic rock (75%) and classic jazz (25%). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

For me, its an easy choice. I would definitely go with the Vandersteen. If there is a more neutral and transparent speaker, I haven't heard it. That said, they may be a little big for your room. If you call Vandersteen and tell him about your room, he should be able to tell you if the speakers will work.
It is really hard for me to believe that an adequate tweeter replacement would be $2k. I would research this further.
Might not be the Dynaudio Esotec tweeter problem, it could be a connection along the way to the tweeter: check the wire connections inside on the speaker posts, at the tweeter tabs and along the crossover, if you are comfortable with disassembly. Yes the Esotec tweeter is expensive...but not 2K .
The speakers were already sent to the manufacturer after the problem began. I never really found out what the actual problem was, but Alan replaced the crossovers, or at least some parts in them, and re-soldered connections. I was informed there was no driver damage. When I got the speakers back, the same problem continued, in the same speaker, and moved with the speaker as I swapped them. My dealer told me the tweeter is expensive and you have to replace both. He didn't give me an exact amount, but said it'd be probably at least $1,600 and possibly $1,800. The speakers cost me $2,700 plus close to $400 for the recent fix, which apparently did not fix the problem so I'm wondering whether it makes sense to continue putting money into it. The shipping alone is close to $200.
Alan Yun is a nice dude and I'm sure he would remedy the issue if you allow him...tweeters don't cost anywhere near the price you were quoted so I'd be very suspicious of your "dealer." You can look up some prices of Dynaudio Esotec tweeters in about 16 seconds ($175 a pair maybe?). I suggest removing the tweeters again and sending 'em to Alan as the shipping would be cheap.
Me, I'd buy the tweeter, some good solder and have it myself.

But that's just me.

Aside from that, I'm with pretty much everyone else: I can't see how replacement of ONE tweeter could cost $2k.
Yes, Alan is a very nice man, and so is the dealer I bought the speakers from. If he's mistaken, I'm sure it's inadvertent and in good faith.

The tweeter is the Esotec d260; couldn't verify the price. The dealer is coming to my house in a few weeks to check the speaker out, but I'd like to consider other options. The experience has been quite frustrating as the problem seems very unusual - the speaker functions fine for hours at times and then malfunctions immediately at times. I agree it sounds like a bad connection, but I can tell the tweeters were removed when Alan checked the drivers so surely he checked the connections. Also, interestingly, the problem seem to go away when I crank up the volume. For a second I thought perhaps it has something to do with the volume control on my line preamp, but since the problem moved with the speaker and it only affects the tweeter, it can't be it.

I'm not very handy with such things as soldering or replacing parts so I'm a bit reluctant to undertake it. Wouldn't want to break something else in the process.

The tweeters come in pairs so you have to buy two. So I'm told.
FWIW I think its a poor connection as well. Alan's a nice guy - he warned me when I bought my Bolero's to be careful because the Esotar costs about $1000 to replace, not the Esotec! Perhaps your dealer confuses the two.

Why not just contact Alan again and have him check out the crossover and all the solder joint's. He's reliable but not above making an error and I'm sure he'd be happy to correct it.
I hope it's just a poor connection! I just thought it would have been for sure discovered when I the speakers were sent back to Alan. I guess I'll just wait for the dealer's visit and take it from there.

Another question: who should pay for shipping in this scenario? I paid both ways when the problem first occurred. Is it reasonable to ask the manufacturer to bear the cost now since the problem was not fixed? It's a matter of first impression for me, and I'd like to continue a good professional relationship with both the dealer and the manufacturer.
FWIW, part of the problem may be that Dynaudio no longer sells their drivers OEM. Alan has revised his speakers to use non-Dynaudio drivers, I think. So, part of the expense may be finding some NOS tweeters, or, perhaps Dynaudio makes replacement drivers available, but prices them at a level that would discourage speaker builders from using them to build new speakers with Dynaudio drivers.
After looking at the Silverline website, what really bothers me is they only offer a one year, non-transferable warranty. With speakers at this level I'd think it would be a lot better than that. Putting myself in your position, if you don't fix the speakers they're next to worthless, so I'd explore all possibilities to have them repaired before buying anything else. Bet it will come in much less than $2k, so your best move might be just to keep them if you like them. Especially since you like them and they seem to work well with your room and amp.
Unobtainium... the new best tweeter material! $2k for a pair of tweeters!?! You gotta be f..... Kiddin me!

Where are you located? Maybe you could find someone on here who's handy & could help you out.
I'm in Southern Cali. I think the dealer is also handy with a soldering iron so I'm sure he'd be willing to assist with the job. He's coming in a couple of weeks due to my schedule so we'll sort thing out then. But the thread gave me hope that it won't be as expensive as I feared.
Actusreus, how did you get on?

I'm interested as I have the Esotec D-260 in my Sonata III's and one has just started to make a static-like noise now and then.