Need source for power cord materials

I want to make some power cords and needa source for materials like IEC plugs, braids, high quality wire and plugs. Any suggestions?
The first of the many Hi-end power cords (name withheld) that splashed the pages of Stereophile uses Belden 8267 in a twisted pair. A length of nylon mesh covers cables and is shrinkwraped at both ends. Currently I like the Marinco Hospital grade outlets with Perma-lock connectors (WATT-A-GATE without gold plating) and Hubble IEC's. Any large electronics supply store should have most or all materials need, the only research would be for price. Good luck, Neil
Where do can you get the Perma-lock connectors via mail-order (Mouser, DigiKey, Allied, etc ...)? How expensive are they? I am trying to find the best Belden substitute for the Pirelli Screenflex S2 (double shielded two-1.5 cable). I am wanting to make several of the TNT Twisted Snakes power cable designs ( The TTS design uses three cables in a braid with ferrite beads on each end. There is one cable each for the hot, neutral, and ground. The shields are all connected to the ground at the wall plug only. Looking in my Mouser catalog, the closest subsitute I found was Belden #9418. This differed by having 4, 18ga conductors instead of 2 approx. 15ga, as well as being single shielded. Any thoughts?
you can find everything your looking for at the parts conection/ sonic frontiers or in canada at uhf magizine