Need sound pro advice for Adcom gold series system

I just aquired the gold badge line from Adcom.(GFA5802/GFP750/GCD750) I have a pair of Paradigm 11SEMK3 speakers that I've had for fifteen years. I'm in the market for some new speakers for this system. I lack the knowlege of what's out there in the 2500/3000 range that works with these components. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback reguarding this quest. Thanks.............
I used to have that system and the best I heard from it was with Magnepan speakers at a dealer's demo. I owned PSB Gold's at the time I purchased. I would highly reccomend Vandersteen speakers and think it would be a dream pairing
I owned Adcom preamps, CD players, and amps for a number of years, and used it with several incarnations of Vandersteen speakers (2Ci, then 2Ce, and eventually 3A's). I found Adcom equipment to work very well with Vandersteen speakers.

I have also helped my son assemble his system, which currently consists of Vandy 3A's driven by an Adcom GTP-760 pre/pro, Adcom 5503 amp (for the left, center, and right speakers), and his old Adcom 545-II amp for the rear surrounds. His system sounds very good, and since we were able to get some excellent buys on used gear through Audiogon, it has a high price-to-performance ratio.
I have the same set + Magnepan 1.6QR. Very musical and highly recommended. I tried it with Martin Logan Aerius', but preferred Maggies (by far).
Not having worked with all of the various components at one time, the only thing that i would add is that you really should check into "specialty" power cords. I know that the GCD-750 responds very well to this type of "tweak". Quite honestly, i was not overtly impressed with it and then i swapped a cord and it REALLY changed the sound for the better. Much blacker background with increased soundstage and air. Quite honestly, i was pretty blown away by the difference that it made. Sean
Vik,Sd,Arago,Sean............I appreciate all of your advice and you have given me allot to think about. I guess I need to go listen to some Vandersteen and Magnepan speakers. The specialty power cord suggestion I will look into also. Thanks again and I'm certain I'll need more questions answered. Bill