Need something similar but better

So today I was streaming music via TIDAL and I kept noticing the highs were very bright and shimmery, regardless of the music selection. Out of curiosity I switched the Kimber PBJ interconnects from the streamer to the balanced audio technology preamp to some cheap audio quest evergreens.  The result was the highs had the correct tone but at the cost of clarity and depth.

My question is, is there a cable that gives me the tone of the evergreens but with the clarity that one always seeks within a reasonable budget say two to $300, or less ha ha. 
Brand, used, new, is all irrelevant, I just need something that works. 
Not sure how you’re streaming Tidal but I would start with is it the HiFi package as that will help. I know and have owned the PBJ and have heard the Evergreen so I will say this will be a great improvement over either of those cables for less, much less. The Canare is a fine cable and what is great about it is that it just disappears... you’ll forget it’s there and it’s a tad on the softer side without losing resolution or top end. The Canare is a well balanced cable that does not exaggerate the top end but has a a nice roundness to it if that makes sense. The great thing is it’s stupid cheap so you don’t have much or anything to lose. This is just link which I think is sold out but there’s plenty of other places to buy this cable, or buy the cord and plugs of your choice and build it yourself. Seriously, this is a fine cable.