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Hello, I am looking for some “sound advice” in regards to an upgrade (?) of my equipment. Here is my current system; I am split between digital and analog, I have a Rega P5 with a Shure V15V MR cartridge, and a Marantz SA8004 SACD player. A Hafler DH110 pre-amp into a Hafler DH500 power amp. B&W 804N speakers. My issue is the pre-amp, it has been giving me problems of late, and I feel this is the weak link of my system.
I am looking at the Marantz PM8004 (or 8005) which would replace both my amp and pre-amp, but I am not sure if the decrease in power, 200 to 80 per channel, would still be enough to power my B&W’s. The other option I am exploring is a NAD 165 BEE pre-amp and continue to use my HD500.
Both units cost about the same $1000., which is about my budget, some the main questions I am asking are; am I living on borrowed time with my 30 year old amp (which I assembled, and currently is working perfectly), if I switch to the Marantz integrated, will it be enough power, or is the NAD the better choice.
I am sure there are other choices out there I may have missed, and I look forward to your opinions and input. Thank you all in advance for your help.
DH 500 caps are probably on borrowed time. I sold both of your units in the early 80s and while both were best buys's time to move on. You might consider an integrated for that kind of coin. Odyssey sells the Cyclops for that and a used Anthem 225 goes for a bit more than a grand. You do need some current to power those B&Ws.
I will second the Anthem 225-great amp w/ lots of current.
You will need lots of current for those 804N speakers. Keep us posted on your buying decision. Happy Listening!
I used to own the exact Marantz you're considering, the PM8004. Great build quality, nicely done, easy to use. But I made the mistake of trying to pair it with a pair of B&W PM1 monitors - that was not a good combination. Just not enough power, and my listening room is only 12x12. On paper, the N804 may actually have a higher sensitivity rating than the PM1 (I think it's 89dB vs. 84 on the PM1), but I'm guessing they're just as power-hungry as the little B&W monitors. I would own Marantz again, so not knocking the brand in any way, but for B&W N804 I'd go for more power.
Sensitivity on paper for N804 is far away from actual. Same class speakers such as Totem Forest(86dB/W/m) would outscream N804 driven by amps that are in 50...60wpc range while N804 would require 4x much to give same SPL.

For tiny-bit more I'd recommend Bel-Canto E1-300s integrated amp. By so far I believe that it's one of the best possible matches for N804.
Get the best preamp you possibly can, even if you have to save up for it. If you don't, the system won't sound right and you'll be fooling with tubes, cables, AC treatment and other tweaks. Nothing can wreck a system better than a preamp that isn't up to the task.
+1 Zd542. Pre-amp is the heart of the system.
If it were me, I'd recap the Hafler and spend the rest on a nice used tube preamp or seek out a B&K EX442, PS Audio 200C, Perreaux, or Acoustat TNT200 and tube preamp...I'd probably do the latter and seek out a new amp instead of recapping the Hafler although the Hafler is a very fine product and if you like it, then go for the recap...
Jhm007, your speakers will have very similar impedance/phase angles as the 804d.
And this while reasonably efficient (90db) are a be of a nasty load, they don't need a lot of watts, but what they do need is an amp that can deliver good current. So an amp that can come close to doubling it's wattage for each halving of impedance will do nicely.

100w into 8ohms
180w-200w watts or close into 4ohms
350w-400w watts into 2ohms

Cheers George
All of the amps that I had recommended can do that or are very close and should match up very well with your speakers