Need some technical help/suggestions

In anticipation of needing to replace my current CD player, I will probably go the route of a dedicated transport with an outboard DAC. To provide the most flexibility, I'd like to be able to play SACD/Hybrid SACD discs in addition to Redbook.. Is the ability to play SACD or Hybrid SACD contained in the transport or DAC? 

All of the following requirements must be met in order to play SACD or Hybrid SACD discs via separate transport and DAC.
1. The disc transport mechanism must be SACD capable.
2. The DAC must be a DSD capable DAC.
3. The transport must have digital output capable of supporting DSD output such as I2S.
4. The DAC must have digital input capable of supporting DSD output  from the transport such as I2S.
I believe the PS Audio Memory Player had that capability, but unfortunately PS Audio is not currently producing this product.
An alternative is to rip the DSD file from the SACD, and then play the DSD rip using a DSD capable DAC.  You can either pay a service to do this for you, around $5 a rip, with a $50 minimum; or with the right hardware (certain Oppo, Sony, and Pioneer players) and software, you can do it yourself.
I've never done it, but have a handful of SACD's and have considered both alternatives.
See here and here.

Another alternative.  
Just read about this today.   
This piece of gear would sit between a SACD player with an HDMI out and your suitable DSD DAC of choice.

The GearFab Audio D.BOB Digital Breakout Box - $999
This piece of gear extracts DSD64 from a SACD players HDMI out
and then outputs DoP (DSD-over-PCM) via either of its two S/PDIF connectors: one RCA and one TosLink. It can also extract and output stereo PCM signals.

Can check here and here.
Any Sony Blu Ray player is capable of outputting SACD over HDMI.  If you get DAC such as the Bryston DAC3, which will accept the outputted DSD over HDMI, then you are in business 
Yes. Became aware of the D.BOB myself a few days ago. Concern here is adding yet another component to the music stream i.e., Transport, DBOB, DAC, Preamp, Amps, Speakers. Kinda rubs against my "less electronics is better" mindset. Interesting never the less and thanks for your responses.

As far as taking the output from a Sony Blu Ray or similar source, I've read a lot of stuff warning that just because you can output data from an SACD player through an HDMI output doesn't necessarily mean that data will carry what's needed to play SACD through an outboard DAC. Cant say I understand it all, but there are many caveats warning against this.