Need some suggestions on tube amplifier

Hi all,

I have been using TAD-60 with TAD-803SD and Hsu STF-1. It's been adequate for my taste. Now, I'm ready to retire my TAD-60 and try different amp.
- budget $1750.
- triode and pentode mode on the fly.
- tube EL34/KT77/ - pretty much so I can reuse my old tubes.
- I listen to acoustic and voice for the most part, but i do enjoy other type of music such of pop/rock/classical/jazz.

Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated.
Check out Quicksilver Midmono,they are a little over your budget at $1895 a pair but they are worth it! You can use many different tube types including EL34'S. Check out the site.
Thanks Yogiboy, but I might need a 1 piece due to space constraint. I will do some more reading about Quicksilver Midmono for sure.
Zd542: I thought about CJ MV-55 but do I need preamp? Do you know the sound character of CJ MV-55?

I've also looked at CAV 50 integrated amp, but just need to read more about it.
If you need only a power amp, check out the PrimaLuna Prologue Five, which has auto-bias and allows tube rolling of many power tubes. It's not the most powerful tube amp but it plays beautiful music and, as tube equipment goes, is remarkably user-friendly and trouble-free. An excellent value.

If you need an integrated amp, there are a few used PrimaLuna integrateds currently for sale on Audiogon, including an especially tempting offer from user kuwarbis, though his ad is about to expire.

I speak from experience with PrimaLuna equipment. Gorgeously musical. If you prefer a more muscular tube sound, keep your eyes open for a used Rogue Cronus integrated.
I consistently rant in here about Jolida since I bought a factory upgraded JD502p power amp...powerful, well made, has XLR inputs along with RCAs (I like that), fabulous sounding and a bargain...around twice the rated power as a Louie Prima Prologue 5, with no website maintenance or publicity. Jason Statham bought an amp from them...not sure what that means but there ya go.
Which tube sound are you seeking. The old rolling tube golden ear sound , or the more precise bright modern tube sound?
The MV-55 is just an amp, so if you don't have a preamp, you would need one. I used to have one. Its an excellent all around amp. The sound is traditional CJ, very listenable with decent power. Made in the US (very rare these days). Simply put, if you need a good tube amp, its pretty hard to go wrong with the MV-55. I really enjoyed mine.