Need some Speakers with sensitivity >90db

A friend is looking to upgrade his speakers. Budget is in the region of $800-$1400

He would like floor standers, but monitors are OK as well

They must have a sensitivity greater than 90db in order to play nicely with his amp

We tried my 89db speakers last night and they were very good - except when a couple of tracks were played loudly - the bass got a little out of control

With my amp the sound was perfect, so I’m thinking if he tries a speaker with higher sensitivity, it should be a better match.

I’ve taken a look at Tannoy Mercury 4’s, which come in at 93db and there are a couple of Martin Logan bookshelf/monitors at 92 db

Thanks for any suggestions - Steve

Ref 3A de capos used. 92db

i use mine with a 4 watt tube amp. not concert loud but pretty decent
A floorstander alternative to the well-regarded Ref 3As: Silverline Prelude Plus (92 db). Used will be necessary to hit your friend’s budget range though they can be had new for under $2000 (and sometimes well under that). Enjoying a pair with a 20 wpc amp.
I'd take a look at Zu Audio speakers.
Great price and well made. I think the Soul is rated at 97 db.
Steve, have your friend consider Tekton Design. He should be able to find options within his budget. If interested, have him call as they have more in stock items than listed on the Specials Page...which will also eliminate the wait time.
I've been speaker shopping for low powered tube amp and here's the BIG problem.Manufacturers OUT AND OUT LIE regarding sensitivity specs.The Ref.3A for example was measured by some Canadian testing facilility at 87.5db.actual @1 watt input..The Martin Logans came in at 88db.and on and on..
 Look at gently used Nola Boxers,the Silverline Preludes and Prelude+ and I've seen great prices lately on used Legacy speakers,4 ohm nominal but most are 94db..Also look at the Q Acoustics 3050,it looks like an amazing deal...
I would say either the Tektons or the ZU Audio.  The Tektons will come in for less $$$  and seem to have a big following.
Thanks gents - very much appreciated.

I've listened to the Ref.3A Veena a lot and they are very nice. The DeCappo's might be an option also.

As for the other - I'm going to investigate

Keep the suggestions coming - thanks
Electro Voice JBL Altec at that small price thats what I would buy. One other benefit is if you buy right these brands may increase in value plus they are easy to mod upgrade or repair and sound wonderful and full on low power. 
How about either the JBL 4312's or the 166's?High sensitivity and work well with low power amps! I have both of these and prefer either over present day gear!

Omega is a brand I have been curious about since they seem to get good reviews by people that purchase them. Another brand that has intrigued me is Decware.

Tls49 Luis from Omega is genius, I bought supercone rs8 , True 98db Speakers from Him, they work well with tubes, the moment I completed 150hrs burn in, music wise is head to head to my tekton impact monitor sound quality I prefer the rs8, openness and liveness tekton wins, either one you can’t go wrong...
Hmm, I didn't know the Vandy 1's were that efficient...
"Hmm, I didn't know the Vandy 1's were that efficient...

They aren't, rated at 90db, but only measured 87db in Stereophile review.

Latest iteration is rated at 90db, and easy to drive.  Have heard them sound great with ~20 tube watts.

Even at 87db, it isn't that bad. Vandersteen usually makes easy to drive speakers that may not be 90+db, but will not make an amp go into convulsions. If you add one or two of his subs, then your amp will have even more leeway.