Need some slow electric guitar

need some new music
New guitar-based music for 2009:
Alternative music: like the new Pearl Jam, Rancid, Sonic Youth;
Alternativo: Rodrigo y Gabriela;
Americana: M.Ward, Neko Case, Wilco;
British: Richard Hawley;
Canadian: Anjulie;
French: Phoenix;
Indie: The Donkeys, Hope Sandoval
Jazz: Julian Lage
New York: The Walkman
Jason Molina is the man behind Songs Ohia, now Magnolia Electric company. He also has a solo album under Pyramid electric company. My favorite slow electric guitar music. Pyramid electric is great, as is Songs Ohia, album "Lioness". I have all his albums on cd and vinyl. Very intimate and sparse. M ward ( new album sucks imo) is also fantastic as is My morning Jacket.
Try the two Tom Verlaine albums Warm and Cool & Around.
Bill Frissel - Gone Just Like a Train
Stevie Ray Vaughan - Tin Pan Alley
You want some slow electric guitar? Try Sunn O)))
One of my faves during my youth...Roy Buchanan.

Check him out.
Slow electric guitar....try santana, some of gun's and roses..
Maggot Brain, Funkadelic... a classic.
Eddie Hazel's finest moment.
Daniel Lanois 'The Omni Series'
Some J.J. Cale or maybe some Peter Green/Splinter Group
Further on JJ Cale:

"Naturally" - probably his best known album, really wonderful stuff, lots of shuffling blues tempos

"Escondido" - recent collaboration with Eric Clapton, also features Derek Trucks and a ridiculously talented band playing (mostly) JJ Cale tunes that recall the above, even if the songwriting isn't quite as striking.

Good Luck

"Scenes" by Marty Freidman--Although a guitarist for Megadeath, his solo is an interesting change. Also check out some solo efforts by Neal Schon.
Explosions in the Sky
Love Tractor
Dean Wareham
Buckethead "Electric Tears" has a few acoustic
songs also.
Chet Atkins- In Hollywood