Need some recommendations - hard driving big band

Hi...Been trying to get into jazz... seems the only thing that works for me is "hard bob." I'm just starting to realize that I might prefer the big band stuff! I always thought Big Band was old fogey music...but lately it seems to me to have more fire and energy than the jazz I've been listening to. Maybe this is what I've been missing?

What I'm looking for: The best I can describe is that (like everyone) I love Duke's (fake or real) Diminuendo in Blue.... Give me a few albums of that type of stuff and I'll never leave the house!

I'm thinking Count Basie? But I I have no idea where to start.

Again, I want it hard driving/rocking or the slow building to a boil stuff..not melodic noodling.

Does this even make sense?
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Not easy to find, but, worth the effort:

Dizzy Gillespie "Reunion Big Band" album--a 1968 hard bop live album from a Berlin concert. A version of "Things to Come" that is unbeatable.