Need some help with Thiel CS3.5 crossovers

I started having some intermittent problems with my 3.5's, I decided to pull the woofers and take a look at the crossovers. Low and behold I had at least one blown cap in each crossover. I'm planning to recap them myself, but I'm no expert and I'm having trouble identifying one of the components in the crossover. In each group of caps there is a a small silver component. They appear to be labeled H15000 nohm 15000H. I'm attaching a link to a picture

If anyone could tell me what this little guy is I'd sure appreciate it.

On a side note, is there any reason to suspect or replace the resistors or coils while I have these guys out of the cabinets?

Thanks a ton!
It looks like a small polystyrene capacitor that is used for bypass
here is one that will fit Capacitor These are hard to find above 50V which is marginal for a crossover

Best of luck

Here are a 63Volt option, note your are most likely 1500 pF, but used as a bypass the actual value is not that critical, it sits over a 100uF electrolytic cap with a tolerance of 10 %

63V polystyrene capacitor

Best of luck

Chunkster...why not call Thiel and get them to help you identify and make recommendations on any other updates you want to make to the crossover. Gary Dayton (Customer Service) is excellent and very helpful with customer enquiries.
I agree with Cmalak.
Gentlemen I took Cmalak and Unsound's advice and called Thiel. They are in fact 15pF polystyrene capacitors. They have offered to service the crossovers for me and I'm considering letting them do it for me. Unfortunately money is an issue (isn't it always). Thanks for the all the responses. I always get good information here.