Need some help with speaker stands

I'm looking to buy my first set of speaker stands. My budget tops off at about $150, though I'd love to spend less. Having no experience in the matter, I'd appreciate any suggestions. One catch: the stands have to pass the ugly test with my girlfriend. I caught enough slack for bringing home the Lovan rack my system currently sits on.

oh yeah, I should mention that I'm using Focal-JM Lab Chorus 705s bookshelf speakers. They weigh 11.2 lbs, if that matters.

Thanks in advance for your help.
I would recommend you consider Atacama Nexus 6 stands. My 705's are on solid oak stands I made. Super easy to make if you have the most basic of tools/skills. (2) 26" solid oak 2"x2" center poles (2) solid oak 12"x12" bases, (2) exact fit top-plates w/very small side brackets. The cherry finish looks great w/this stand. If yours are in black or you want to match your cabinet, the Atacama's would be my only choice in that price range. (I researched stands intensively when I got my 705's, most excellent spks.) One place had them for around $125 if I recall correctly. Bill
You can't make a mistake with Sound Anchors. Solid, simple, strong, custom made for no extra charge, good customer service, and high WAF. I'm not a shill, just a satisfied customer (3x).
You might look at Atlantis Pros for $169 at Audio Concepts Inc (really fine folks).
check out Parts Express
I came across the atacama stands during the course of my research, but their website didn't list any US distributors. Are they available in the US?

Kotta, I'd love to see a picture of your home-made stands.

Thanks to all for the suggestions.
The U.S. web-site which carried these stands no longer have them. You'll have to do some searching but it will be worth it. In England they are everywhere it seems. I wish I was able to post a picture of my stands, but I don't own a digital camera and even if I did, I probably wouldn't know how to post a picture on the internet. I'm a two-channel guy. The last to get any new technology. Perhaps one day in the near-future I'll be able. The oak stands were relatively easy to build. (They match the custom oak TV/Stereo Stand I built for my "basement" system. Nothing elaborate. Functional) The lumber cost for the stands was under $50. Good luck w/your search. Bill