Need some help with a cable and my subwoofer

I just replaced an XLO low end sub cable with a Morrow SUB1.
My question is with the new Morrow cable I have to increase the bass by 7 or 8 DB in the bass menu of my Arcam avr400 to equate the bass I was getting from the XLO cable but the sound from the Morrow is cleaner and tighter, has anyone experience something like that?
I use a JL Audio f113
thank you
Got it, the morrow sub1 cable made a huge difference for me, it plays a clean and acurate bass plus much more.
Could have to do with the difference in the wire gauge, number of internal wire consuctors and the difference in resistance & capacitance ratings between the two. I looked at both on-line but neither of the manufacturer's website provides the wire gauge and resistance values. The Morrow Sub1 has one run of internal copper, the Sub2 has two and the Sub 3 has 3. My bet is if you had gone with the Sub3, you may not have to increase the dBs as much. Just an educated guess. Which model XLO subwoofer cable did you have, HTSW or HTSWY?
Pdn, you're probably right about the differences in cables, not that I understand what you're saying besides the gauge size, but will look it up.
It took a few hours of play and the cables came to life, naturally I lowered the bass by a few decibels.
The Morrow cable cleared up the bass from the speakers before that I felt that the bass was bleeding into the mids sound was somewhat muddied, the new cable put the bass where it should be, it now sounds awsome I'm very happy with it.
Glad you told me about the copper wires in the cable, I will most definitly upgrade very soon.
I was using a XLO HT.
thank you very much for you're input.