Need some help regarding Threshold SA12e Mono bias

Threshold SA12e are my favorite mono blocks. But they need to be overhauled as of the bias. I am looking for the manuals or information about the bias measure of SA12e.

Any help is appreciated.

If you post this question on DIY Audio's forum you will get the response that you need. Possibly even from Nelson himself.
Nice amps. The value for the SA12e is 1.1 amp cold. You can adjust voltage across the emitter resistor to get this current reading or take the rail fuses out and measure current directly which ever is easier. It's better to do this with the cover on as slight drafts cause the readings to drift.

If you have a temperature probe, stick it in the last screw hole in the heatsink and check to make sure the final temperature reading which stabilizes at about 1 1/2 hours is 49 degrees Centigrade. All heatsinks should be within 2C.