Need some help. Rega RS5s over PSB Imagine Ts?

I recently sold my current speakers and was planning on buying the PSB Imagine Ts. When I went to demo them a 2nd time to make sure, the sales rep recommended I give the Rega RS5s a try. When I did an A/B comparison I was surprisingly more impressed with the Regas. I know a lot of it is based on personal preference but I'm pretty new to this and just wanted to make sure I won't regret my purchase. I can purchase them for pretty much the same price. My question is: has anyone out there compared these two and what ate your impressions? You think overall the Imagine Ts are a better value? Any help is appreciated. I tend to over think/analyze/ stress about these things. Thanks.
You have to live with them, you need to make that decision yourself. If you over think/analyze/ stress about this stuff, you probably need to find a new hobby.

I would also add to your list the Dali Ikon 6 and the KEF R 500.

The PSB are very nice speakers, so are the Rega, it comes down to personal taste.

My favorite would be either the KEF or the Dali.
OK I am biased. I have REGA speakers and REGA kit.

I had TOTEM Arros and FORESTS and enjoyed them very much
Along came the REGA R9s and I had to have them ! Bought them and never looked back!

Had the REGA R1s in my B system .... superb.

REGA gets the midrange "right" like few other speakers can. Their bass is crisp and tight and never woolly. There is a reason why many NAIM owners have REGA speakers - look in Pink fish audio forum

check out the review of the R7s; they share many of the same drivers.
Thanks a bunch Tpreaves. Really helpful and great job recognizing hyperbole. Thanks Audiooracle for your suggestions. I'll check them out.
I've heard both quite a bit, I'd say for acoustic music in a small-medium room, Rega. In a bigger space or rock , PSB.
Don't over think or stress out, slow down and take your time. You are about to invest a good chunk of change for some new speakers. There is no deadline that I'm aware of, so go back and listen again, and again. Take source material that you are very familiar with and listen.

When you feel confident that one sounds better TO YOU (don't listen to what the dealer says sounds better), buy it. However, be prepared for them to sound different when set up in your own room. Speaker/room interaction is one of, if not THE biggest variable in this hobby. Not to mention the fact that the dealer's gear is probably different from your gear.

Just slow your roll and take your time with this decision.
Thank you both for your help. I was exaggerating a bit with the stress-just feel like most of my limited free time lately has been spent researching and reading all types of forums and reviews. I went back today and still really do like the Regas. I guess my main concern is that when I take them home and listen to them in my room (smaller than demo room-approximately 12x 15 ft) and with my equipment there will be a big difference. From all the research I've done the PSBs get consistently good reviews and if they sounded better I feel like this decision would be a lot easier. Thanks again for your opinions.
I agree with Shubert above... rega shines on acoustic/vocals, while for rock/nu disco I'd go with PSBs... too bad you can't get both.
I have the Rega Rs5 and a pair of image t5.
Image t5 are not in the same league as the rega; after all this is the poor man's version of the imagine. But the t5 give more HT-type bass and it can be fun at times. The Regas image very well, are more forward, and have a super clean midrange. The bass is there, less impactful than the PSB but much cleaner.
The tough decision is on you as they are both very good speakers.
Rega will sound great in 12x15, Could say with Rega 3's in that room as well/
Thank you all very much for your help and opinions. I'm going to order the RS5s today. I was really surprised they sounded as good as they did. Own a RP3 which I love but had no idea they did speakers this well.
I am listening to charles mingus now, with a MSB DAC and a Marantz pm8004... I love my RS5, which I bought in September 2011, even though I am not too crazy about Mingus ah hum brought home a few minutes ago.
What is your amplification?
I have a Rotel 1520 integrated amp. I mostly listen to records-a Rega RP3- and also have a Jolida JD9 phono preamp. Picking up the RS5s this week and really looking forward to it.
Do you have your rs5 setup? How do you like them? Any recordings you would advise getting?
Apologize for the long delay. I did set them up. They sound great-especially with anything with acoustic guitar. Been listening to a lot of the early Dylans on MoFi that came our pretty recently on 45. Also the Muddy Waters Folk Singer on 45 sounds phenomenal. Overall I like them a lot and would definitely recommend, especially for a 2 channel, straight audio set up. Hope this helps and sorry it took so long but just noticed it.