Need some help putting new system together

I just moved into a 2 bedroom,1.5 bathroom apartment. I would like to do a surround sound system.I already have the 60"Sony SXRD television.I need to buy everything else,receiver,dvd player,and speakers.Since this is an apartment,I do not want to put holes in the wall.The speakers will go on stands.I am not on any type of budget,I have the money to spend. The system will be used for dvd's,music,and videogaming.Can I get some ideas on what to look at? The apartment is about 920 sq feet all together.Thanks for your help
Buy a Von Schweikert set up....VR 1's with their sub and center're in business without spending huge money and get quality speakers to boot.
Wow... how large is your listening room? You might not need a huge system. Assuming you don't...

I'll suggest the EPOS ELS system, and maybe the top of the line Denon receiver. The ELS is about $1500 and the receiver quite a bit more, but has good EQ functions and can do the deed for you if ever you move on and get bigger speakers.

Since money seems no object, I'll suggest Audience Au24 speaker wire.

DVD player - Denon 3910 (or wait till HD-DVD perhaps end of the year).

And maybe the THOR power system by Nordost.

Another possibility in speakers would be the NXT system.

Bob Wood
I second the Von Schweikert route for the speakers. Depending on your interest in music, you could use VR-2 or VR-4JR for fronts instead of VR-1. I have had VSA speakers for HT for a couple of years and they match up and integrate really well. I would suggest research and audition of Arcam, Sunfire, Integra, or Anthem for pre-pro/amp or receiver side of the equation. Denon is a good way to go on the DVD player.
My living room is only 15.5'x 16'. I was actually looking into the Von Schweikert System 10 Theater Package.Do they make stands for the TS150 surrounds?
Call Kevin at VSA, he'll be able to help you out. Good luck.
Jmy350z, here's your situation...
First, you'd ideally need to specify the actual space the system's going in! What's the dimmensions of the room? I presume 8' ceiling height, yes? Also, the layout options? Acoustics? (Carpet, teil, wood floors?..what's the ceiling like?). Also, what's your lifestyle for listening to music and movies? Is it just you, sitting in one chair all the time, or are you entertaining others, and need multiple seating arrangement? Do you listen to music loud(appartment consideration), and what type? MOST IMPORTANTLY, do you like to sit in one spot and listen critically, or are you a casual music guy, who moves around the appartment when listening? This all matters!
Is there any type of gear/speakers you're partial too, from the past? What have you heard that you like?
more info, the better...
8' ceilings,you are correct.The floor is carpeted.Most of the time while watching movies,I have a few friends over,I do not listen to music that loud,and I am a casual music listener.
Ok, without knowing the setup variables, like long wall vs. short wall, close seating vs. farther back seating (this all makes a HUGE DIFFERENCE BTW), I'd have no Qwams whatsoever recommending you look at the Triangle Titus(er whatever the smaller bookshelves are) speakers upfront, and whatever matching you can get for back. The Triangles, I believe use virtually NO CROSSOVER in their speaker designs, from what I've read. This should make for a much more dynamic and efficient speaker design. I also know they use higher end drivers, horn loaded (qwasi) tweeter design, porting, etc. This all leads to much migher efficience and dynamic ability than most designs, les you go much larger, multiple drivers, etc. Also, I've heard (usually I don't recommend unless I've heard/used) the Triangles are quite the neutral high end sounding audiophile speaker. Might be worth looking into.
Whatever you do, don't go with larger speakers, or you'll not really be able to get reasonably flat/accurate bass response in your small space, without seroius EQ'ing.
Sub(s)? I'd recommend serveral depending on how picky you are on space/size. Larger designs that are super on their own, are M&K MX series, paradigm Servo, Earthquake MkIV series, etc. In your smaller space, these will likely do well setup at the 1/2 point in your room for flattest response. Otherwise, if you need the sub upfront, for ease of blending, whatever, I'd look at a sub with a parametric EQ, like Infinity SW12/PSW10 etc!m More expensive are small little Velodyne's with Parametric's built in. You wan't flat accurate bass sound peaks!
As for a basic receiver choice, apparantly, the Arcam AVR300 is supposed to be the real deal for receiver choices! Much more like separates, with lots of refinement. I know a few people who swear by it. Anyway, separates is usually better by a a lot, with more power, but then more pieces, cost, complication a bit.
Anyway, I doubt you could go wrong with this combo. That, from many years around this biz, ON A LOWER PRICE POINT, high performance system. DVD player? Denon's are good for a few bucks, which makes sense at this price point.
If you want to get another few percent better sound, you'll spend tripple,quadruple, or more!
You can look at Wilson Cub's, which are very high end, efficient, dynamic, stellar. These will be superb music/movies on the high end, at several thousand each! Still, very high end, resolved, dynamic, etc. I'd then look at something like Krell separates, krell DVD, etc.
That said, on the high end, you might want to look into not only professional consulting with system setup, if you want the best (easily 1-200% improvement in sound and accuracy) performance/setup, you'll need help! No replacment for experience, and the room, setup, acoustics,speaker/seating considerations,teaking and calibration, are 2/3's the sound easy! So consider.
On your own, I'd also recommend, on the higher budget, you look into something like a high end Rives Audio PARC combo! This will set you back several thousand, but you'll be assured accurate response, maximium dynamic range and purity! Otherwise, you'll be hearing too much of the nasty room bass sound destroying your accuracy! This must be adressed with speakers and seating considerations, acoustics, etc.
Another consideration, is looking in to some of these newer pre's with built in parametric Equalization. This greatly improves things overall. I wish more people were making pre's with these built in.
There's ton's to chose from, but there's sooooooooo many ways to do this wrong. Good luck