Need some help for Wadia 850 cdp

Ive got a problem, a Nasty storm came thru the area last night, now my Wadia 850 cd player wont work correctly. Ive tried leaving the ac power off for 24hours, no good, what happens is she will play part of a track or not at all, my Question is; anybody else have this problem, and who can fix it. Should I go to Wadia or Great Northen Sound, Do you know if they can still fix this unit. I live in Toledo Ohio, so I can drive it to Wadia, They are in Ann Arbor Michigan. Please Help!!!!, Marc
It would be a no brainer for me. Make arrangements to drive it to Wadia since you are so close. They will fix it and make it perfect. And yes, they will work on all their older models.
Thank you. I was worried that they might not work on the older models. I will contact Wadia. Ill let you know what they say on monday. Thanks
I'd call before I drove over. Wadia has been in and out of business so many times it's scary. Also try and pin them down to a timeframe for the repair. My friend sent his 861SE for service and he didn't get it back for almost 4 months.

My money would be on Great Northern. Much faster turn-around.


Paul :-)
Beemer's statement "Wadia has been in and out of business so many times it's scary" is simply not true. Wadia recently moved their manufacturing facility from Ann Arbor to Saline and most of the "sensational" gossip concerning the company stemmed from understandable transition and reorganizing issues. They are healthy and in fact are coming out with two new state of the art players...check out the website. I sent in my Wadia and the repair turnaround was around three weeks. For me, the convenience and peace of mind to be able to personally deliver the player is a big plus. To remain objective however, Great Northern does excellent work and is highly regarded. You have a wonderful player and have some nice options to have it serviced. The gossip concerning Wadia is amazing and a good example of how the hyperbole on the forums can sometimes turn into a feeding frenzy irregardless of real fact. Wadia is alive and very well.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't let Wadia anywhere near it!!!!! Bring it to Steve at Great Northern. He just fixed my 850 so fast, it was on its way back to me by the time I called to check on its status! Wadia had my 830 for months, while they were deciding whether or not to stay in business. When I finally did get a hold of Wadia, I mentioned I had an 850, and they said if anything ever went wrong with the transport, they had no parts and wouldn't fix it. A year later, when the transport started making funny sounds, I called Steve, and he had the parts, no problem. Very fair price, too. (I don't remember what Wadia charged me to replace a humming transformer in my 830, but I do remember thinking it was an awful lot for a simple job, and I had to "negotiate" with them.) I can't say enough good things about Steve. He even listens to cool music (he wandered into a room I was in at CES with his own CDs).
Hello Jppenn:

I stand on my statement as written. I won't get into what happened to 2 local dealers who carried the line prior to the last time the "lights went out".

You pay your money and you take your chances. Are you a betting man Jppenn? For me, if Wadia was the only choice in digital, I'd be spinning records....and I once owned the 270 transport and 27ix DAC.

Never again.

Paul :-)
Hello Beemer,
Thanks for your input. I obviously was not privy to all that was/is going on with Wadia. My comment was based on my personal experience with the company and dealing with Keith at Wadia. The last thing I would ever intentionally do would be to give anyone bad advice. And no, I am not a betting man...but I have had 5 Beemers and currently drive an 1150RT! I know they're a good bet! Mea Culpa!
Im Back, Wadia sent me a email, they told me they can fix it . I have not heard back from GNS.Wadia said as long as its the tracking or the laser, no problem, otherwise they would have to customized the unit with newer parts or it is trashed!! I am going to drive it to wadia this week. I will let you all know how I am treated by wadia. I really love this cd player or I would never do this Thanks Beemer,I will keep what you said close to me, I hope you are a little wrong about wadia, and thank you Jppenn, I hope you are right. God Bless, Marc